10 Quick Tips To Save And Save Money

10 Quick Tips To Save And Save Money

Have you made many attempts to save money, but all attempts have failed? Do you want to save money ?, but do not know the steps you should take, here is a quick set of tips to save and save money.

First: How do you save money?

Organize your finances:

Do you know where you spend your money each month? All you have to do in the first step if you want to save your money is to organize your finances. Do you have a goal to help save money? Set a goal that helps you spend less than the previous time. For example, if you want to travel or buy a house, you should pay more attention while you spend money. If you can not organize your finances yourself, all you have to do is upload a specialized application.

Buy only that written in your list:

Before you go shopping, write down what you lack at home in a small paper. Try to stick to what you have written on the paper, and all that is above it is not necessary, or you do not need it at this time. So focus only on everything you really need.

Follow Rule 10 seconds:

You may not have heard about this rule in advance, and the name may be strange to you. This rule says you have to think for 10 seconds about why you want to buy the purpose, and what makes you buy it: has this thing run out of your home? Or want to buy something as a gift? Or is it not needed originally?

Second: How to save money?

Do not rush your decision:

Do not rush to decide whether or not to purchase a purchase. Wait until a few days, or a week, and compare your desire to buy it at the moment and want to buy it over time. Do you want to become less or still want to buy? If you do not want the purpose as before, this means you do not need it.

Wait until the time of the cuts:

If the purpose you want to buy is not necessary at this time, why this wheel? Wait until a few weeks and the discount season will start in all the shops, so you can buy the same purpose but at a lower price. Most shops and shopping malls make price cuts from season to season.

Third: Steps to save money:

Avoid getting annoyed when you feel tense or sad:

It is well known that shopping helps to change one’s mood. Studies recommend treating sadness or getting rid of stress by shopping. So if you’re trying to save money, you might want to look for a different way to treat your grief or stress.

Buy Used Items:

You can buy used items. Used in some Arab countries such as Lebanon and the Gulf, the used items have been very successful, having had great success in Western countries. This method is very effective in saving money, especially in furniture, clothing or electronic tools.

Prepare your own food:

If you eat every day or more at restaurants during work time and want to save money, you should stop. Start preparing your food at home, of course it will cost less, and its health benefits are greater.

Fourth: How to save money and save it:

1. Reduce your electricity and water consumption:

 This method will not be the most appropriate to save money, but it will certainly contribute to the subject. If you turn off the light you do not need, or reduce your water consumption, you will definitely pay a small bill compared to what you paid before. On the other hand, it will contribute to the preservation of the environment.

2. Do not disobey yourself:

 Did you ever want to buy anything in a day and buy it right away? !! This is one of the most important obstacles that will prevent you from saving your money, but the solution is simple. If you crave something and you want to buy it, do not buy it immediately, but give yourself a break for at least a week before buying it because the same people may crave something today and then reject it tomorrow. Sometimes we crave something and then the desire to buy it changes in the second day or after a few days. If you want to buy a new hour, for example, give yourself a period of one week before you buy it and after this week if you find yourself still Egypt to buy the hour, it means that your desire in the hour is not just a fancy but your desire is real. But if you find yourself not interested in it, be aware that your desire to buy it was not real.

3. Set a goal in front of you:

This is one of the most important points you should be aware of. It is also a major focus in helping you save money. Who among us has no dream? For example, make your dream buy a house and specify its value and also set a specific time to achieve this goal even if it is distant or was close and set the income every month until you earn this amount, for example if Your goal is to buy a home in five years. You can calculate it as follows: Home Value ??? Number of Months = Monthly income you must provide for yourself to achieve your goal.

4. Withdraw the salary Put it at home:

 This is one of the most important ways you should use it when you want to save money for travel or for essential. Take all your money from the bank and place it in your house (you must put it in a safe so that it does not steal, God forbid), of course, after taking out the monthly payments you have to pay, such as rent the house and pay the bills. The purpose of this is that often when we go out of the house, our human soul is doing all kinds of things without hesitation and without any calculation, so you may find that you bought things that are not necessary because you have a credit card with you. If the money at home, this will force you to return home until you come Money, which will cause your kidneys and your withdrawal from spending money on unnecessary things. This method is related to the first way we mentioned, you will wait until you return home until the second day until you bring money from Sage5. Charity:

Charity is a very important thing, it is the main reason after God Almighty to increase the blessing in the owner and remove your misfortunes, we advise everyone to make a part every month fixed and presented as charity.

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