10 ways to get rid of excessive and continuous thinking

10 ways to get rid of excessive and continuous thinking

Everyone overstates the various things in life, and often complains of a lot of thinking and looks for a way to get rid of excessive thinking. Everyone thinks about a lot of things, for example, in a decision they should make, or in things they regret, their own thinking or their concern for their future. Many of them hang inside their heads and feel that there is no way out.

The American Psychological Association describes too much thinking as a repetitive and long-term reflection on the person’s interests and experiences. Over-thinking can lead to anxiety, meditation and self-blame. Man is not born and has too much thinking. But is usually acquired with time and time. Here we have collected some steps that show you how to get rid of excessive and continuous thinking.

First: how to get rid of excessive thinking?

Consciousness: It is natural that too much thinking takes a person far away and makes him unconscious because of his preoccupation with thinking. Awareness involves recognizing negative thinking when it happens. If you are aware of excessive thinking. You will be able to control your excessive thinking as you follow your thoughts and actions. Do not control your thoughts and do not worry about over-thinking.

Wear a rubber band to help cut your thinking style:

 Awareness of excessive thinking makes you able to stop it. You can cut off your thinking by doing something physical. Wear a rubber band around your wrist to always remind you of your over-thinking. The more you find yourself thinking, the more gently tighten the rubber band. You can also change a ring or clock from one hand to the other until you call your thoughts back to reality. Say to yourself “Stop” when you change the place of the clock or the ring or when you tighten the rubber band. Always make this physical reminder.

Second: Ways to get rid of excessive thinking:

Replace your negative thoughts:

 To eliminate your negative thinking, replace your negative thinking with positive thinking after you cut your excess thinking. Repeat positive thinking several times with a loud voice or without a voice in your mind. If excessive thinking lasts longer, repeat this process several times. Over time, you will overcome this negative habit.

Talk to someone you trust:

 There is a solution to eliminate your excess thought that is to share negative thoughts with someone you trust. This person can become a coach, counselor, counselor or friend. This person can help you determine if you are overstating or not, and can also help you free yourself from your negative thoughts. You should consult a doctor if the over-thinking is health-related. The problem may not be as bad as you think and all you need is someone who helps you and assures you that you are healthy and healthy.

Take care of yourself:

Exaggerating thought makes you absent from the present surrounding you. If your mind is busy, you will avoid negative thoughts. Anything that strikes your attention may help you. This concern ranges from arranging your books to alphabetical order, drawing or calculating your yearly expenses. This way you will gradually control your thoughts until you reach your goal.

Over thinking, you can not feel that you are practicing until negative thoughts come to you and a
inking, exercise is the solution. The exercise also increases the secretion of Androfen and Sertonin, which help reduce anxiety and depression. When you concentrate on your exercise, this will distract negative thoughts from your mind. When you have too much thinking, do some exercise, bike or run for half an hour.

Third: How to treat excessive thinking:

1. Decision:

 Sometimes excessive thinking comes as a result of your inability to make a particular decision. Whether it is a divorce or a job, the decision is difficult. He may need to analyze the possible results until you get to the point of being indifferent to something. The most appropriate solution is to set a time for yourself to think about everything about the subject and when the time is approaching, make the decision without hesitation.

 2. Blogging:

It is one of the most important ways to get rid of negative thinking negative Write down these ideas in a paper and then throw away.

3. Already done immediately:

 How to get rid of your excess thinking? I do whatever you think, some people exaggerate in their thinking about difficult tasks I have been assigned to them. The trick here is to start your project that you want to do instead of thinking about it. Focus on a goal and set the time you want the project to take so that you can solve all the problems at the time you set. Moving step by step will make you get rid of your exaggerated thinking about it.

Stop your attempt to reach perfection or to control all things:

 People think too much about things to achieve ideal results, trying to take all the possibilities. But it is important to realize that all the people who have done great things have certainly made mistakes on some points. It is impossible to control everything and avoid error. Thinking of the grace of God is helping man to work. The thinking leads to wisdom in making the decision and forming his opinion. Unfortunately, however, with this grace, people may become overwhelmed by the thought of excess.

Fourth: What are the side effects of excessive thinking:

1. Overthought is a dark corridor:

 Over-thinking leads to entering a dark corridor that has no illuminated end, causes you psychological pain, and makes you feel guilty and shocked. Over-thinking often makes people ask themselves many questions that have no answer and no solution.

2. Losing opportunities:

There are opportunities that may be lost on anyone who overstates his thinking because he takes a long time in his thinking, which prevents him from quickly responding to opportunities.

 3. Anxiety and depression:

Look pessimisticIts creation leads to disorder, anxiety and depression. To overcome your anxiety, fear and depression, you can resort to unhealthy life systems that cause greater anxiety in your future.

 4. Pessimism and misery:

The over-thinking of you loses your ability to see a bright side in this life and become pessimistic and sees nothing in your life except problems.

5. Feeling insomnia:

 When you study something in your mind it is very difficult to sleep and relax. And when you can not find who can translate your thoughts and then continue this drama for the morning hours, so overcome fatigue and sleep. This pattern continues every night until it leads to physical and mental disorder which is chronic insomnia.

6. Complex life:

 Over-thinking does not only make your life complicated, it takes away your life itself. Thinking can not take the place of the act itself. Concern or thinking about the problem is unimportant because it will not change anything. Thinking is lost from human time and thus deprives him of his life. In conclusion, do not make your thinking in this life and its problems take your whole time. Be a positive person, do not hesitate to make decisions. Over-thinking will not make you avoid the mistake, but the mistake is to let your thinking distract you from the act and the success.

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