14 step to treat anger in psychology

14 step to treat anger in psychology

There is no one who has not experienced the moment when he is very angry, or you feel the desire to break down and burn everything that exists around you. The anger varies from person to person. Some people get angry for a short time and calm down afterwards. Some people need a lot of time to calm down and get back to normal. Also, each person’s anger is different. They try to control anger in front of others and try to hide anger as much as possible from people, but there are also some people who can not control anger or control themselves during anger, they may shout or break everything around them or they may harm themselves or hurt others .

There are several reasons that make you feel very angry, including lack of money and poor physical condition, or because of the treachery of a person, or because of psychological pressure because of the accumulated work, and whatever the reasons for your anger should not let him control you and worsen your psychological condition, and do not do anything makes you regret In the future, because man at the time of anger says and does things he is not expected to do one day, because the angry person is not in full consciousness, so you should train to treat your anger and how to control yourself in time of anger, so as to avoid problems Do not cause it to yourself in the future.

The way to treat anger:

So that anger can be dealt with and you can control yourself, here are some tips:

Remember God a lot and more than ask for forgiveness when you are disturbed by anything, so that your anger is not aroused and you can not control yourself. Stay away from any place or from anyone who makes you feel angry or angry so you do not lose your temper and do something you regret afterwards. Try not to move too much so as not to increase your anger, preferably if you sit in a quiet place away from the cause of your anger so as not to increase and feel tension. When you sit alone, review and blame yourself for everything you have done and feel that you have disturbed or abused them either by word or deed, so that you feel the rage and the bad deeds that you have done and cause you to lose the nearest people to you and cause them away from you.

How do you control your anger?

Always be aware that your loud shout and lack of control over yourself is a reflection of your weakness and that this will not increase your strength in front of others, but it will reduce their respect for you and will make many people avoid you. Do not let weakness overcome you, but be always keen to have a strong personality that can control your anger and control your mood.

Remember the bad effect that comes on you and your health and your family and friends because of anger, so train yourself away from anger and solve all problems quietly so that you can solve, because in the case of anger no one can think and can not solve the problem no matter how small or large, but when Start by thinking calmly, this will help you a lot to resolve quickly and overcome any consequences you may face in your life.

How to treat anger:

1. Be aware that God is rewarded by controlling his anger and controlling himself because all this indicates the strength of your faith in him, because in the time of anger may occur in mistakes without feeling because he is not fully aware of what he is doing and the devil whispers to him until he does Things angry with God.

2. If you feel tired, you should avoid any discussion of anything that might cause your anger, but go and take a rest and then make this discussion and think about everything you want quietly so as not to be subjected to a situation that angers you.

3. There are some people who may deliberately provoke anger, especially when they notice that you are a person who gets angry quickly and may feel the joy of your anger, but do not leave them the opportunity to underestimate and exploit your weaknesses and prefer to stay away from them and go to sit in any place comfortable and quiet so as not to give No room for anyone to provoke your anger.

4. Be tolerant and patient, and keep away from hatred or bad faith, so as not to deal with anyone with hatred or hatred and do not feel that no one loves you or make bad thoughts overcome you.

5. Assume good faith and make excuses to others and discuss and try to understand the reason why others did so, so as not to get angry for no reason because some people may do anything in good faith and you understand it in bad faith so you have to understand things and know the interpretation of any actions occur From anyone other than you.

6. Do not say any bad words or inappropriate words so as not to increase your anger and will not be able to control your action, but try to speak calmly and do not leave yourself to the emotion and remind God and seek refuge from the devil of the accursed before the anger.

Follow the steps to treat anger:

7. Be a wise and balanced person and think in every word before saying it and think about its results so as not to fall into any problem, and always be aware that your sitting and thinking in solving the problem better than your anger and your emotions without finding a solution.

8. Anger affects your health a lot and may cause you to suffer from pressure, diabetes, or stroke. God forbid, because many emotions affect your health negatively as it increases your blood pressure or sugar during anger.

9. Keep your prayers and your reading of the Qur’an and remember God always, because the remembrance of God dissuades you from anger and helps you to control yourself and keep away from anger as much as possible.

10. Whatever the reason you were angry, be aware that there is nothing in this world that deserves your annoyance for it and keep it always tense and unhappy.

11. These are the best tips that will help you control your anger and get away from it. You must have the strong will and determination to keep away from anger and to control yourself and control your temper during anger.

12. The more you are a warm, patient and quiet person, the more comfortable you are and the more happiness you will have in life.

13. There is no one who is not exposed to problems, each person has problems of his own but the method varies in their acceptance of these problems from one person to another and their way of thinking about them or. When you find a happy person who does not show fatigue or anger permanently do not think that this person is not exposed to problems in his life, but is subject to many problems, but accept them with a receptive chest and seek to solve and get rid of the right way and also benefit from any mistake committed by not to repeat With him the same problem again, so you should accept the problems quietly, so that you can get rid of these problems quietly and do not bother yourself.

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