5 qualities possessed by successful entrepreneurs

5 qualities possessed by successful entrepreneurs

People often ask me what kind of personality the successful entrepreneurs have?
I’ve always kept a list based on my observations over the years

From meeting with entrepreneurs who founded, closed and graduated from companies.

To explore this further, I think it might be interesting to gather the views of professional investors in venture capital funds in Akbar

Names in emerging technology companies including Pinterest, Uber, Boxed and SeatGeek. In general, many features appear

Which supports the fact that investors believe that there is a certain personal personality that predicts success. Moreover, many of these qualities are

Areas that entrepreneurs can seriously work on and improve, not necessarily innate things – that means they are not born out.

Five attributes tend

1. perseverance

In an interactive with the capital boards, we can say that the most important element of success is persistence is the most important factor of success. And embodied
In the founder’s ability to penetrate the walls.

2. Passion

Directly linked to motivation – why an entrepreneur focuses on solving a particular problem? Chances are, if his goal is fame or fortune, the inevitable frustration

Which will come when things do not go smoothly. Some investors look for opportunities in which a businessman tries to solve his personal problems. Says Vasu

Be enthusiastic about them, and generally those that tend to stem from issues that can relate to you personally. “

3. Modesty and trust

Although it may sound like a contradiction, investors have placed trust and humility as the most important qualities they would like to see in the founders who

They support them. Changing the status quo requires persistence and persistence. At the same time, the ability to listen and adjust is critical to responding to challenges

Constantly changing. David Frankel, looking for “audacity” but encourages businessmen to strike a balance between this and humility and put forward

Always questions.

4. Curiosity

An important part of innovation is to think of “what if” in the business. Interaction and responsiveness is important but must be mixed with a proactive approach to identifying problems

And resolved. This requires a level of curiosity that can save time and money. Matt Artman, says: “We invest in building products based mainly on
New consumer behaviors, it is important to be interested in how new behaviors emerge and why. “
It is no coincidence that as companies develop and go from one stage to another, their founders and leadership team are also being developed.

5. Clarity of thought

Follow the straight line between the problem and the solution demonstrates the mastery of knowledge that offers the entrepreneur as someone who knows what he has and what he has, as well as the ability to communicate

effectively. Having experience in the field is critical, but if you can not present it as such, this can give the impression of some existence

Holes in vision or ability to implement project. “The best founders are students who are deeply involved in their industry and entrepreneurship,” Matt Turck said

General, they focus on understanding every nuance, and this is reflected by the clarity of thought. “

10 things entrepreneurs do every day

Successful entrepreneurs have daily habits that distinguish them from others and help them to innovate and move forward towards their goals.

Here are ten things that successful entrepreneurs do every day:

Wake up early:

There is no doubt that waking up early makes entrepreneurs more active and able to perform their daily work. Also, getting up early increases the time available

Entrepreneur, this time a much needed entrepreneur.


 Breakfast is essential for entrepreneurs. Breakfast provides them with the energy that helps them to perform the many tasks they have on a daily basis,

And not eating breakfast may cause them fatigue and slowness in the performance of their duties.

They set a schedule for their daily tasks:

As a result of the large amount of daily work that entrepreneurs must do, they should plan their day well by writing daily tasks and scheduling them

In certain time periods with priority setting to be taken.

Do not browse social networks before they go to work:

In the age of social networking Entrepreneurs have several accounts on social networks and surf them before going to work will be lost a lot

From the time of the entrepreneur and will delay him from his emerging company.

They say “no” to businesses they do not want to do:

Entrepreneurs do not have much time to do all the things you ask them, so successful entrepreneurs refuse to do the jobs they do not want.

Because they are wasting their time and because their achievement will be at the expense of their emerging company.
Imagine their successes:

 Every day the entrepreneur needs to imagine his success. This imagination motivates him to work better to achieve success and achieve the goals he seeks.

They listen well:

 Successful entrepreneurs listen to others well and to their customers and employees. Good listening helps them meet the needs of each employee

And customers at once and this will certainly help them to succeed their emerging company.


 Successful entrepreneurs negotiate on a daily basis with their employees, suppliers and customers to reach the best conditions that serve their emerging company

And achieve the greatest possible benefit.

They compare their goals with their findings:

The entrepreneur sets his goals in his eyes permanently and therefore compares daily the results achieved in his companyEmerging with the goals he reached to know

Where he arrived in his success march.

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