8 Tips to get rid of obesity in children

8 Tips to get rid of obesity in children
Some children complain about the accumulation of fat in their bodies, and may be obese as a result of excessive eating without limits from the mother, or wrong nutrition and increase the intake of high-calorie foods.

In order to help your overweight child get rid of the fat and grease accumulated in his body and get the body and sound strength follow these tips:
Be an example
You also follow a healthy lifestyle because your child does your tradition. It makes no sense for you to make your child eat certain foods while the rest of the family accepts other foods that he is deprived of.
Talk about healthy food
Be aware of the importance of exercise and physical activity and what you do calories in the body if increased and interested to know the meaning of proper nutrition and what must be the behavior of behaviors to maintain the body.

– Take care to get breakfast every day and go beyond breakfast on what some believe contributes to weight gain and not decrease.
No to reward food
If your child does something worth rewarding, do not use food or candy as a reward so that he does not have to do with food as a bonus, but make it a trip, a picnic or anything close to it.
enough sleep
Make your baby sleep for 8 hours daily so do not get him to sleep less because sleep loss helps increase body weight.
Do not force him to finish his food
Some mothers resort to force the child to finish his food and this may appear to be good but on the contrary it is a nervous pressure on the child and may make him hate food and does not want to eat or may lead to the worst is the addiction to food and appetite to eat frequently and correctly Make your child eat until he feels full.
Select a specific time
You should have a specific time to eat and not to eat your baby whenever he likes because that is one of the most important things that lead to weight gain. The right thing is to have three main meals and two light meals.
I cherish his self-confidence
Many parents make mistakes in dealing with the fat child to make him not accept his weight and not what it is and this leads to the destabilization of confidence in himself and his hatred for her, it is better for the child to be fat to be jealous of himself with a weak will.
The right thing is that you and those around him do not ridicule him or criticize him, but make him go to the road through which he loses his weight properly even if it takes a long time and encourages him constantly and motivates him to move forward and give him your love and affection unconditionally or wait for him to achieve Specific results.

Face Different Problems
Many couples resort to some medical means to prevent pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including family planning, poor family conditions, or the desire for late childbearing.

With the development of modern medical methods and the development of medical science, many contraceptives have emerged and depend on the use of too many couples. However, some contraceptive methods are the most common. And the exchange between couples as a result of their effectiveness guaranteed in contraception.

Through this article we will review with you the most common contraceptives and what is the degree of protection of both of them?

Contraception is one of the most common medical methods that prevent pregnancy and is the only method that is most common among many couples because of its low price and easy to use and availability in pharmacies, and pills are 99% effective in the difficulty of reaching sperm to the egg. There are two forms of grain Contraception The first form comes in the common pill, which contains hormones progesterone and estrogen, while the second form is that contains very small capsules but contains only progestin, the pill is taken daily for 21 days and then stop for a week and these For the period of the menstrual cycle comes after the completion of which is eating grain again.


One of the most common and modern methods for contraception is condoms, which have proven to be very effective during the recent period and have become one of the most common contraceptive methods used by couples because they make it difficult to reach the sperm to the egg because it works to hold the semen as it is easy to use and suitable price . Condoms are made of rubber latex and the man wears the penis during intercourse. Condoms are very useful in preventing the transmission of health or serious sexual diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis or syphilis, but it affects sexual pleasure.
The IUD is also one of the most common contraceptives used by many women and is considered to be a safe means of their health and effective pregnancy. The IUD is inserted into the uterus and is carried out through a very small procedure in which the gynecologist places the IUD inside the uterus. It is a machine made of plastic and small copper T-shaped parts, which in turn prevent the excretion of embryos in the womb and the disposal of sperm and eggs The uterine coil lasts for 10 or 15 years depending on the type of coil and can be installed and removed at any time, but its only harm is that it makes the period of the menstrual cycle longer and heavier.
4. Injectable contraception
One of the most common contraceptives also is the injection taken by women every three months for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. It does the same work as the birth control pills and is 99% effective, as it continues to affect the hormones of progesterone and estrogen, which works to release these hormones during the menstrual period, The mucus in the cervix is ​​difficult to reach and therefore the sperm can not reach the fertilized egg for up to 12 weeks, ie, three months. After completing the period, the injection is taken again, and if it is not taken, it is very easy to get pregnant. Injectable contraceptive relies on a very large number of ladies due to its ease of use and its cheap price. These injections do not protect women from some chronic sexual diseases, such as birth control pills, but they are effective in preventing pregnancy.
5-adhesive contraception
One of the modern methods of contraception is the famous and easy-to-use contraception, also available and used by a very large number of ladies. Adhesive action prevents the occurrence of ovulation, and this is done by its role in thickening cervical mucus, which prevents the sperm from reaching the cervix, the contraceptive adhesive also reduces the lining of the uterus and reduce the possibility of adhesion of the egg, and contraceptive adhesion is like Nicotine adhesion, which works to deliver hormones in the body through the skin, and its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is very large, but does not protect women from being exposed to some of the health risks transmitted by sexual contact.


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