A global businessman offering advice for the success of Saudi youth

A global businessman offering advice for the success of Saudi youth
An international businessman described the Saudi people as “very ambitious and working hard for development.”

“The Saudis have the determination to continue and succeed,” said Bonit Rengen, global CEO of Deloitte, the main partner of an interactive lecture organized by Al Faisal University in Riyadh.

Al-Faisal University recently hosted Bonit Rengen and David Sprawl, Chief Executive Officer of the company in the UK and Northwest Europe, in the presence of Middle East CEO Omar Fahoum, to deliver an interactive lecture in the Business School lecture series.

The lecture was moderated by Sima Khan, a member of the advisory board of the Business School, a consultant at the Saudi General Sports Authority.

The lecture was attended by a large number of students and graduates of Al-Faisal and a number of prominent figures in the business sector.
Rangen and Sprawl represent one of the world’s largest organizations operating in 150 countries.

The discussion started with the participation of the lecturers in Saudi Arabia, stressing that the Saudi people are ambitious to a great extent and working hard for development, and has the determination to continue and succeed.

The lecturers then shared their experiences, the nature of their work, the most important challenges Deloitte faced, and discussed the most important factors of success and development in the sector in which the company operates.

Sprawl pointed out that the company is based on cooperative work, and that it is not the place for those looking for work on their own.

After hearing the students’ questions, he said that self-confidence and proof of existence were the most important ways of success in the company, advising students to work with the principle of “be as you are.”

For his part, said Rengen:
The reason for his success is “luck” in addition to diligence at work.

Important Tips for Success in Forex Trading as an Entrepreneur

As a business entrepreneur, you may realize that diversifying the things that invest your money and effort can reduce risk and help you succeed. For many people, there is a good way to do this by participating in trade and investing. Although trading in the stock market remains a common option, The Internet has made Forex trading something that anyone can do, and many choose to trade Forex instead of trading in financial markets.

This is a set of top tips before entering the Forex trading world as a business leader:
Choose your trading times carefully
One of the advantages of Forex is that it allows trading all day of the week, because of the differences in time zones of different markets, as the online Forex trading internationally by nature, which means you can choose the appropriate trading times according to your business requirements, but there are times Good and bad trading is an exercise in the currencies you want to work on, so you should know the right time to trade and plan your trading sessions to get the best results.

Stay abreast of economic events
Many things affect Forex trading, most notably economic events, which requires you to keep abreast of the news in the countries that trade or trade in their currencies. Political events are also very important, such as announcing new elections or discussing the budget, so you should always be aware of the latest news. Economy and politics and to look at the major events in the world every day.

Improve your analysis skills
One of the most important skills needed by a trader or a Forex trader is the skill of analysis. You need to have a good reading of the data in its various forms, including understanding the various charts and information that will enable you to understand and analyze markets and plan what you want to do. , You must have the analytical skills that make you able to trade in foreign currencies “Forex” online and you have a good vision of things.
The most difficult habits that are shared by most successful entrepreneurs
Do entrepreneurs think like all people? Do you live life the same way?
Years pass on people the same way, but not everyone lives the details of life in the same way and style. Everyone has a direction, a goal and a way, and many live similar lives, while only a few paint the details of their lives in attractive colors or make them in their own ways.

Today we are on the threshold of a new AD, some coming out of the previous year thinking only of pain, disappointments, and sadness.

The problem is that this breed forgets the pros and does not learn from the mistakes of the past. Its years are like each other and only the number changes.

The corresponding category of these are the successful people who record each in his diary plan and arrange his days and moments according to them.

At the beginning of the year builds and at the end evaluates his achievement, and in between them find him following the amendment, evaluation, motivation, implementation, organization … and others.

Because man is the result of habit, the successful are keen to change their negative habits with positive ones that contribute to the sustainability of their development and leadership.
Here are the most important habits maintained by successful entrepreneurs, although they are tired and heavy habits and they are not fond of them,

No one says that these people do what they like only, or practice what they are passionate about, but unfortunately they are really forcing themselves on a lot of positive habits of health and good, even if they do not like.

They have to rethink what they should do right away, they know very well through the various life experiences they have experienced that under the worst circumstances they have learned the best lessons.

3. Entrepreneurs and successful people often find the most influential people around them, attracting attention in their presence,
Because they are usually their nature, they use the language of their bodiesM cleverly and avoid using smart devices while people are sitting,

They talk and listen to those who are genuinely interested in them, smiling gently and with good will …

And many other human actions in the original.

4. Throughout their career, successful people have been challenged to increase their knowledge stocks, learn more about the universe, life and entrepreneurship,
They have always been willing to learn from any position and any person, and under any circumstances, the summit of humility, so they can invest their energies in the right direction,

And seek to change constantly, and deal with life, people and data in a positive manner, challenging the conditions and obstacles, and therefore succeeded,
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5. Entrepreneurs arrived at the success they had achieved when they were able to focus on their goals

And this requires rejection of many offers and even friendships and relations sometimes, and avoid the negative people who also hurt our feelings and waste our time,

The pioneers thus spend their energy on completion and avoid remorse and waste time

That practice is worth the effort as difficult as it is, but it ultimately leads to success.

6. Forgiveness and forgiveness of the most difficult morality, but it is the noblest of morality also, and may see that some people do not deserve to forgive them, and some behaviors do not deserve to be forgiven,

But entrepreneurs and successful people have known that forgiving even those who do not deserve will bring peace of mind to them and help them to perform their roles efficiently,

So they also deal with things only as much as they deserve, you find them talking to a certain extent, dealing with life and people in a humane balanced and natural, do not turn the problems and grief to obstacles,

Believe that most contingencies are emergency and will continue, and avoid themselves and their projects a lot of failure that may cause them concern and tension and the bad thinking of the environment and other negative emotions excessively.
7. Understanding the human nature and that they are paradoxical and have a lot of shortcomings,
Helps entrepreneurs and others to live a life of peace and reconciliation,

And I did not find any of the successful care to satisfy the periphery and achieve their expectations, so it is successful,

Indeed, most people who care about people’s expectations and people’s hopes for them fail in many ways.

8. The reaction to things is automatic, but with training and familiarity you can choose your own responses that fit your goals and your future,
Many entrepreneurs train themselves and their minds to launch a positive reaction in a difficult time. For example, they lead the way to a comfortable direction and begin to arrange their papers again,

While facing a lot of fears and anxiety and tension and negative ideas, but they control them as much as they can so as not to escape from their hands brakes and wheels,

Entrepreneurship is not an easy dream but it is possible and entrepreneurs have recognized it and put it at the forefront of their plans.

9. Health crown success and another project they invest in, many of the entrepreneurs devote time to sport, walking and sitting in the sun and relax and leisure and seize vacation,
Although they may not like it sometimes but they do it because it helps them to keep healthy and prepare for other achievements coming,
And health maintenance includes a lot of habits such as healthy food, sports, smoking and smoking, massage the mind, body and spirit from time to time,

Nourishing the soul and mind by reading and reading, delighting the soul from time to time and rewarding it for achievement.

10. Happiness is not a difficult dream but steps and convictions of people make them see what others do not see in some things,
For example, happy with the satisfaction of those who believe that satisfaction will achieve happiness, and happy to delight people who had ideas that the happiness of others make him happy and seeing a child smiles, for example, or introduce happiness to the heart of his mother will be happy,

Some are happy to meet, watch a movie … Most entrepreneurs and successful people do what they are happy to convince themselves that little is happier than many as long as they are convinced.

11. Those around successful people are as successful as they usually are, because they do their best to choose the right people and do not spend their time with those who hurt their interests and feelings,
They choose a small number of people mostly, and insist that these are positive do not waste their time and do not take advantage of their relationships and abilities,

When entrepreneurs decide to choose the environment in which they live and the people who reside around them, they are living, choosing, caring and loving them all, in order to live the life they chose.

12. Every year will come another, and the end of the day comes a day, the pursuit of things and life is a stage,
So entrepreneurs are used to behaving appropriately at such times,

If an opportunity is over or lost, they know very well that there is another chance to come, and prepare themselves for a new beginning, perhaps with new people and in new places as well.

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