Bill Gates simple strategy to succeed latest

Bill Gates’ simple strategy to succeed
Bill Gates, a US billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft, sees the way you look at your reality has a big impact on your success.

“We focus so much on our own backwardness and on what we have failed to do, which makes us miss out on many opportunities to learn and take advantage of what we have been able to achieve and implement successfully,” Gates said in an interview with the famous Daily Show.

Instead of focusing on failed experiences and failures, Gates advises focusing on moments of success.

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“Instead of making your effort and wasting your energy focusing on what you have not achieved, try to find ways to help you improve your situation,

An optimistic figure

Gates is a very optimistic figure on all issues, although many have stressed that the current situation in the world is very appalling. Diseases and wars are spreading, and natural disasters are occurring almost everywhere in the world.

Gates attributed his optimism to his ability to see the improvement of the world now, noting that things have improved a lot than it was before.

“The poverty rate has fallen from 36 percent to 9 percent, and there are about 137,000 people out of extreme poverty, the child mortality rate has halved in the last 25 years and agricultural productivity has increased,” says the billionaire.

Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the US billionaire and US technology entrepreneur makes donations to help improve health care in developing countries, empower women, invest in vaccines, especially in poor areas

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Human nature affects our actions

Gates felt it was natural and easy to focus on things that did not go as expected, because human nature taught us that, and evolution made us concerned about the animals that wanted to eat us.

In addition, people become less impatient when it comes to problems. This is a human nature, according to Gates.

“The gap is widening between the bad things that happen and our tolerance for those things,” Gates wrote in Time magazine.

“Over the past centuries, the rate of violence has declined markedly, and we have refused to accept it, but because the developments that do not occur do not match our expectations, things seem to get worse.”

A harsh response by Facebook founder

The American billionaire explains that being optimistic does not mean he underestimates the work that needs to be done to get rid of problems and confront crises. It does not mean that he ignores how many tragedies and injustices are rampant in the world.

“Being an optimistic figure means that he can look for people who can make progress on several fronts and help spread this progress on a larger scale,” Gates said.

Important lessons that can be taught to children to become successful entrepreneurs
All parents want to make the best of their children, they want a long and decent life, but there is no guarantee to do so.

It is important to teach children the many skills that enable them to face life. At the top of these skills comes entrepreneurship, which is a creative way to achieve most of the goals. The establishment of businesses gives people a way to build wealth and helps them achieve something of value. Independence and freedom to make special decisions.

Parents should teach their children to think about the mentality of entrepreneurs, even if they do not become entrepreneurs later, because that will help them a lot in their lives. The journal Interban published a report of 6 important lessons that can be taught to children to become successful entrepreneurs, as follows :

6 important lessons that can be taught to children to become successful entrepreneurs

1- There is no limit to capabilities

– Parents should teach their children that there is no limit to what they can achieve, if they decide to do so, no matter where they go to life, whether they want to achieve more revenue or try to get more followers Social Media.

– They should be taught that having great visions and ambitious goals requires hard work, making them achieve more and more in life.

– They must learn that believing that they are not worthy of reaching certain levels of success makes them really fail and that they can do anything if they do enough to achieve it.

2. Failure is not a problem

– A study by a group of French researchers indicates that telling children that failure is not a problem helps them to perform better.

– Failure is an essential part of entrepreneurship, and most entrepreneurs fail. It is necessary to overcome this failure to start the next journey.

– Children should therefore be taught that failure is not the end, and that it is just a lesson, an important learning experience that they can use to get more progress in life.

3 – The importance of ideas

Entrepreneurship depends on ideas. People need a good business idea before they can start building their business. Individuals also need to find ideas that help them grow and address difficult problems and conditions.

– It is difficult to force children to invent ideas, especially if they are not used to it, so it is important for parents to emphasize to their children that their ideas are important to them and to listen to the ideas they bring, because that will make them more comfortable in creating ideas, To be more confident in explaining and implementing them.

Difficulty predicting life

– Children should be taught that nothing prevents the collapse of any business they start with, no matter how hard they have prepared a plan and who have a stubborn mentality, the market research conducted may be inaccurate, a new competitor may appear at any moment or may stop The market is out of business, so it is impossible to predict everything.

– It is important to teach this to children, as this will help them avoid focusing on one idea or one track and will help them develop their adaptive and flexible skills, which are essential skills in building a successful business.

5. Good decisions take time

– Decisions are easy and clear in some cases, but they are difficult at other times, and in both cases, there are correct and wrong ways to make decisions.

– In childhood children may decide what kind of shirt they will wear to go to school, but teaching them to make the right decision can help them take a better course, even when they become entrepreneurs and run projects with millions of dollars.

– It is important to teach children to understand the difference between intuitive information and objective information, and teach them how to analyze the pros and cons of different decisions, because that will help them in different situations.

6. The importance of listening

– Listening to the most important communication skills that are necessary to teach to children, through listening they will be able to form better partnerships and friendships and will communicate more effectively.

– They will be looked upon with greater respect and will understand what people need most to become marketers and salespeople.

– It is difficult to teach the “listening” skill, and this can be done by showing parents to their children that they are good listeners in their own lives, to be an example to follow.

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