Do you wonder about the skills of the successful and the habits that make them distinct from others?

Do you wonder about the skills of the successful and the habits that make them distinct from others?
The successful, the distinguished and the advanced are not different from us in the mental qualities and physical structure, and not from another planet, but they are among us and perhaps in our homes many of them, may raise our attention and attention to everyone, although we find them at times normal.

What is the difference then, and why do successful people succeed?
 What distinguishes them from us?
 Do they live as indiscriminately as most people do or have plans?
In the next article, we will talk about a set of qualities, habits and skills that all successful people have in any field.

Characteristics of the Successful:
It may draw your attention to the existence of some common characteristics of people who do not have anything in common: a specialty, a relationship, a nationality or a specific religion.

It is only success. Many studies have been conducted on people who have extraordinary abilities to form a network of successful social and practical relations, in addition to being leaders in their fields and distinguished in their treatment of people around them and around them from people, crises and problems. To them.

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Here I will talk about the qualities that make someone remarkable, both at work and in social, family and public life.

These are the characteristics of the successful in general, as proved by the studies:

Successful people are always curious about things, like to know the details and how they happen, and are constantly exploring and asking in unconventional ways.
The successful person is very passionate about what he chose and loved and wanted to work with, so once he sets a goal he will create a thousand ways to achieve it.
The successful people are generally calm people who deal with things and data in a calm and calm manner in the most difficult and difficult circumstances and crises, and are under pressure.
Successful people usually concentrate on positive things, and they are rational in dealing with crises that are often optimistic and happy and seeking to achieve positives.
Successful candidates distinguished self-confidence, initiative and initiative before all to do what can be done to achieve the goal, overcome crises and reach the height of ambition.
The successful person is flexible, patient and ambitious and renewed whenever he achieves a goal that measures his success rate and paints another ambition with accuracy, trust and patience.
Certainly, the qualities of successful people are not exclusive to them, which everyone can learn, instill in themselves, and persevere to make them and become habits that shape their lives.

Habits of successful people in their lives:
Certainly, the behaviors and behaviors that we take care of will become our habits later, do it automatically and without our awareness.

Therefore, the insistence on the success of any of us direct his attention to the skills that he has to learn to become successful, and therefore will persist and commit himself to become habits to him later.

Here I will highlight the habits that began as behaviors and behaviors of the successful to become habits of later, and achieved by training and practice:
There is no successful person who sees himself as a victim, he reviews the fault and bears responsibility, and little complains the successful are busy with the achievement.
Planning is usually for the successful, they always have a master plan and an alternative plan, they can not succumb to failure and waste time in scarring.
Usually, organizing time, keeping every minute of it is usually shared by the successful and therefore they are concerned with construction, achievement and learning.
Successful people begin to balance the most important and most important to form a habit of sacrificing the unimportant and sometimes important for the most important purpose to reach the desired goal.
Successful people do not interfere in the lives of others and do not insinuate themselves with unimportant details and are satisfied that things are fine.
With the addiction to planning for the future they have a strong outlook, often right expectations, and enjoy wisdom with useful isolation.

Skills of successful people:

In addition to many of the advantages that a successful person adds to his or her community, family and organization, their skills can be learned with experience and education and good infection is transmitted to those around them. Meeting successful people and accompanying success often brings success if,
Success stories therefore often affect more than rhetoric and theoretical advice.

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Here are the most important skills of the successful:

Planning skills: Accumulation of unplanned plans or failure of a plan without an emergency alternative is not at all in the success tables.
Effective communication and communication skills: Successful is keen to create channels of communication between him and his subordinates and supervisors and the people in general and the continuity of fruitful and positive.

Social skills: 
When the successful at the beginning of his career to many pressures of parents and the community has a social and emotional intelligence can overcome and pardon and deal with different energies and potentials and people at different levels and categories.

Organizational and follow-up skills: No one is more capable mentally, administratively and emotionally for the success of a work with continuous follow-up and different abilities.
Mental Skills:
The mental abilities of successful people grow by persevering, persevering, working, learning and engaging with society, circumstances and people.
Economic skills
 A successful person can implement his project no matter how difficult the liquidity is, whether by management or savings or by marketing and co-financing.
The skills of dialogue and dialogue: to know the appropriate time to provide advice, listening and listening, and not to interrupt the speaker, and support speakers body language.
Technical skills:
 You find the successful usually pick up all new and learn for the best performance and tender tender.
Cultural skills: 
Also find a creative and successful person read and adhere to science and wSo that it has the ability to distinguish what is useful and select what develops more.
Educational skills:
 Successful only can be an example, teacher and educator without exerting the least effort, it draws attention and imitate many and teach them role model.
Leadership skills: If a successful chairperson of a meeting, team, or organization is an emergency, it will be the best.
Innovative development skills: This comes as a result and a successful outcome of his skills and qualities and distinctive habits, succeeds and creates and innovates and dazzles everyone.

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