Encourage children to eat the healthy food

Encourage children to eat healthy food
Our children’s enjoyment of good health and eating healthy food balanced balanced and integrated hope for everyone … But the question of convincing the child to eat healthy food in our present time is difficult amid the effects of the media and advertising and the announcement of fast food and foods, most of which are not healthy and non-integrated essential nutrients essential to build and health Our children are physically, mentally and psychologically.

To emphasize the need to eat healthy food, there are some steps and tips that nutrition experts always mention to persuade the family to take her child healthy food provided patience and flexibility in the application to succeed the task:

1 – Eat fruit always in front of your children they love tradition for adults.

2 – Return them to eat the three meals inside the house on specific dates.

3 – provide food in several flavors and seductive and beloved to the child to encourage him to eat.

4 – Add some foods favorite to the child, and if not accepted by the child tried again after several weeks, the child’s appetite changes from time to time.

5 – Try to share your children in decisions to choose and buy food while shopping. Granulation and recuperation of the child to eat foods containing vegetables, whole grains, protein and vitamins.

6 – interest in the sweetness of the child always to drink fresh milk and its products, and eating dates, honey and fruits.

7. The mother should share her daughter with her while cooking food as much as possible, especially the green salad dish.

8. Reduce the child’s intake of sweets, sweets, chocolate, chips and ice cream.

9 – Refrain from taking soda water and preservatives and dyes completely, especially in front of children and understanding the health disadvantages.

10. Encourage the child to drink natural juices and eat natural fruits between meals.

11 – Do not give your child sweets after eating so as not to get used to this bad habit.

 12. Serve food in a fun way with decorating the dining table and dining at home.

If you refuse to eat, do not give him secret foods or sweets and leave him. He will eat healthy food when he is hungry.

13. Always inform your child about the benefits and nutritional value of healthy food, its importance to the health of the body, mind and soul, and its role in the prevention of various diseases, especially obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

14. In case of travel, excursions or family outings, healthy food sandwiches can be made in a child-friendly manner.

15 – Do not eat food and nuts in front of television or the Internet

16 – Do not force the child to clean the cooking utensils, this makes him hate the time of food .. Just tried in any other way to convince him so as to know the benefits of hygiene and help the mother at home without any attempt to pressure it.

17. The father and mother should be a good role model for their children in eating integrated and balanced healthy foods.

18 – Always encourage the child and encourage him to exercise for the most important for their health and the safety of their bones.

Ideal weight for children ages 7 to 11 years
Every father wants to achieve their normal and healthy rates in everything, such as weight and height, just as they want to excel at the scholastic, athletic and social level. So they always wonder about the normal rates of weight and height over the ages of their child, they eventually want to reach their child’s natural growth rate in children without increasing or decreasing as much as possible. In this article we will talk more about the normal weight of children aged 7-11.

It is important that parents are fully aware of their child’s natural growth rates. In this article, we will address the ideal weight of the child from age 7 to 11, as determined by a wide range of consultants in pediatrics, obesity, nutrition and nutrition.

Weight in the age of 7 and 8 years:

The seven-year-old female weight ranges from 18-21 kg, while the male weight is 19-22 kg.

At the age of eight years, the weight of the female ranges from 20 to 24 kg, while the male weight ranges from 21-25 kg.

Weight at age 9 and 10 years:

The female weight ranges from the age of nine to the tenth of 25 – 32 kg, while the male weight in this age range from 26 – 34 kg.

Weight at the age of 11 years and the beginning of adolescence:

Parents often notice that the child grows at the age of 11 years, so do not be surprised by the size of the difference in weight and length your child will be at this age. It is expected that the weight of the female at this age of 40 kilograms, and the weight of the male may also be the weight or slightly more. However, this figure is not accurate as it is likely to vary greatly between children.

If you find out that your child is underweight or overweight, do not worry or panic. There are many ways and means to solve this problem.

If you are overweight, you can talk to a nutritionist to follow a healthy diet that helps you lose weight properly without affecting your health or physical strength.

Practical tips to combat obesity in children

If he is underweight, he can make some adjustments to his lifestyle, in order to gain weight without affecting his health.

All about the problem of thinnest children

Finally, the weight of the child is a very important indicator of his health, whether increase or decrease, but there are several other measures are more important than the weight of the child, including the general state and activity and vitality and immunity, etc., but ultimately weight remains an important factor to measure the rate of growth. It is best not to compare your child to relatives or neighbors, but to compare them with the rate of growth and natural development in their age.

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