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At the beginning of the new year as you plan your future life, have you thought that science might help you make these decisions? Here are the most prominent studies in psychology, brain science that may help you make your decisions and may help you change them.

The smart ones are more prone to loneliness
The more intelligent people interact with others, the more dissatisfied they feel, according to the study published in November 2016. This long-term study followed the lives of young people between the ages of 18 and 28, and the study showed that those living in areas Less densely populated were happier, and those who enjoyed them with high intelligence were increasing their unhappiness whenever they communicated with others more.

The author of the study explains that the smart ones have long-term plans, communicate with others and distract them from their plans. The author also provides an evolutionary explanation that modern times allow more intelligent people to adapt more than before: “The human race is no longer primitive, To ensure living, the smart ones are now able to survive in a new way, relying on no one but their intelligence. ”

Discovery of a ‘big bang’ in the brain of a newborn!
In this study, scientists have discovered the mechanism that allows the generation of neurons at the time of birth through a modern technology called the “flash tag” that enables radiation to isolate and photograph newly born mouse cells at the moment of their birth. They are expected to help us decipher the genetic code that Scientists have developed the technique to start monitoring any gene that is activated first at birth and were able to observe the moment when all the genes in the neuron are activated by this technique. It’s like a display of fireworks that happens to genes in front of you from the start, and through which scientists can understand the interactions of genes from the moment of zero.
The way you treat your emotions has a direct impact on your health
A team of researchers observed the emotional behaviors and reactions of couples during a 15-minute fight. After the quarrel and analysis, the researchers were able to predict symptoms of diseases that couples would suffer during the next 20 years of marriage. Specifically, they found that nervous couples would suffer In the future of high blood pressure, and clothed couples will suffer from problems and pain in the back.

The human brain is capable of learning sight after blindness
The brain may be able to process visual information after years of complete blindness, according to a study of retinal retinitis, a genetic disease in the retina that gradually leads to blindness, implanting chips that receive visual signals and transmit them to the brain through the axons Retina. Using magnetic resonance imaging, they found that the brain was able to learn to recognize visual signals, and the frequency of stimulation (eg light flashes) was associated with increased activity in the visual area of ​​the brain.

The Secret of Acquiring Friends
The level of emotional intelligence and narcissistic tendencies was measured by a group of first-grade students in a study published in September 2016. They were then asked to interact socially for three months and were then returned to the laboratory again.

After analyzing the data, it was found that people with narcissistic tendencies succeeded in gaining friends at first, but lost their popularity over time, while those with high emotional intelligence gained popularity over time and maintained their friendships over time.

Empathy is a learned skill that can be learned, not just a sense of instinct
It is known that empathy is one of the most important components of emotional intelligence, on which relationships and friendships are based. Many people think it is just an innate sense, either possess it or not, but this study shows that empathy skills are acquired, systematic, and can be learned, not just innate.

After training volunteers on empathy skills, four experiments were conducted, published in November 2016, which tested several aspects of empathy in which empathically (educational) sympathizers were more accurate in recognizing and understanding the feelings of others than those sympathetic.

Extreme exercise is good for depression
In a study of two types of neurotransmitters in the brain that had an effect on depression, namely GABA and glutamate, for 38 depressed patients, they trained on the bike for a period of time at multiple stages and were then compared with a group that did not exercise, That the metabolic pathway of neurotransmitters, gamma and glutamate, became more active after exercise, and the faster the bike, the more time; the more vector activity.

“We see some cases of total collapse in marathons where the jolt suddenly falls,” says scientist Richard J. Maddock. “In such cases we believe that the muscles have depleted their oxygen and energy reserves, but this study shows the role of the brain in the process , And that in this case has exceeded the limits of his work has collapsed ».

The most emotional qualities inherited by a girl from her mother are her emotional reactions
Parents have a significant genetic and environmental impact on their child’s emotional characteristics, but a study published in January 2016, in which the research team followed up and studied the behavior of 35 families of parents aged 33-48, and children aged 5-13, Her emotional reactions to her children are more than that of parents, and her impact is more pronounced in girls than in males.

Painting helps to remember
In seven trials in which volunteers tested the effect of the drawing accompanying writing, in improving the memory of the volunteer, the researchers in the first and second experiments provided a list of words that the volunteer later called, and they were free to use theDraw or not while trying to save.

It was found that the words that were drawn were easier to call, and in the fourth to sixth sessions, the coding, images and finished drawings were tested. It did not help to remember the drawing. In the seventh experiment, the drawing was more than the coding methods, images, To remember.

The study suggests that this is due to the integration of the linguistic, visual and dynamic aspects of remembering, unlike other methods.

Smoking hashish (marijuana) may help treat Alzheimer’s!
Researchers at the Salk Institute have discovered that some narcotic compounds in marijuana, such as amyloid beta proteins, help to reduce inflammation of cells, which is a key factor in the rapid spread of the disease.

Cycopates (mentally disturbed) prefer bitter taste
While most people agree to aversion to bitterness in bait, a study published in January of 2016 showed a sample of 953 volunteers with an average age of 35 years, of which 48% were females who filled out a questionnaire about their preferences , And then underwent tests that explore their personalities in many respects, and showed that preference for bitter food was the highest proportion of those who have psychological tendencies, narcissistic, and sadistic. While inclined to have aggressive tendencies to eat too sweet, too sour or too salty.

Your brain’s capacity is equal to the capacity of the entire web and probably more
This study provides information that your brain capacity is equal to the entire network capacity, which is ten times the expectations of the last study in this area, and may exceed this capacity in subsequent studies. “This is the power of computing stored in neurotransmitters, which change shape and size with repetition and diversity that no one has ever imagined,” says one researcher. “This supernatural flexibility is the secret of this enormous capacity.”

Painkillers may make chronic pain worse
In an experiment in rats, five days of morphine injection to treat mild pain in the development of chronic pain lasting several months, the study published in April of 2016 reported that morphine triggers the release of pain signals from cells in the brain and spinal cord, This study on other animals, and showed the same results will help explain the vicious circle of prescription opioid analgesics of patients in our time, as it numbness of pain at the surface level, but in depth prolong the length of time taken to the patient, and since opioid analgesics easy to add; This property is revealed in the elimination of the Edma epidemic Painkillers rampant in the last 15 years.

Physical evidence .. Children’s sleep affects the growth of their brain
In a study of the impact of sleep deprivation in 13 children between the ages of 5-12 years, the team first measured their deep sleep patterns on a normal night’s sleep and then measured them again at night after their late sleep. When compared, Of the brain, the parietal-occipital areas. This means that the brain region is negatively affected by the lack of sleep. They also measure myelin in the brain (a necessary substance in neurons) and found that it is less in areas of the brain affected by sleep deprivation .

This study was limited to one night and showed a short-term effect, but the researcher confirms that over a long period may be affected by the brain of the child, especially in the stage of growth, it shows that the effect of sleep in the brain of the child is more dangerous than the impact in the brain of adults.
Salt controls your sleep!
Scientists have discovered that control of the rate of nerve rates that play a large role in controlling the salts in the brain (such as adrenaline) affects the wake and sleep cycle in humans. When the brain is injected with these nerve rates, the salt level changes in the brain. Stimulation of neurons. When we are awake, cells are very sensitive to stimulation, unlike when we are asleep.

Children are able to understand the consequences of their actions at the age of three
The study included 300 twins, at the age of two years, and then at the age of three years. At the age of 2, their self-control scores were tested through their parents’ observations and by analyzing their reactions when they were subjected to rigorous tests that measured their self-control (running in the street without attention to cars). The same test was repeated at the age of 3 years after application At the age of 2, children showed a 60% natural risk response to risk, but at the age of 3 they dropped to 6%, depending on their life experience, interaction, environment, family influences, and understanding of the consequences of their work during the year, And when one of the twins is subjected to these effects and so on Rat, without being subject to its other, the other did not affect the understanding of them, and learn the consequences of his decision towards the observation.

Discover the area responsible for fear in the brain
In a study that included rodents showing instinctive fear reactions to their predators, they produce a group of stress hormones that are at the top of their predisposition to escape predators. Using modified viruses that have been used to track the effect of nerves and nerve cells stimulated by fear, Of the brain, is the most active in this process, the amygdala-piriform transition area.

Frequent use of mobile phone affects your mental health
Participants filled out a questionnaire on how they used their mobile phones and communication technology, their mental state and their mental health, and there was a strong positive relationship between frequent phone use and mental health problems, especially when they were used to escape the problems of daily life.For emotional problems, while when they were used to avoid boredom did not show a clear effect.

Money buys happiness but on condition
Some researchers have always been adamant that money does not buy happiness, and that good does not necessarily mean money. But in a recent study published in April 2016, I looked closely at the relationship of money to happiness, looking at 76,000 bank transactions for 625 people, Characters and lifestyle of each transaction, and found that whenever a person spent money on things that fit his character (an introvert reader buying a lot of books, for example), he was happier regardless of the amount spent.

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8 Tips to get rid of obesity in children Wed, 07 Aug 2019 15:01:00 +0000 8 Tips to get rid of obesity in children
Some children complain about the accumulation of fat in their bodies, and may be obese as a result of excessive eating without limits from the mother, or wrong nutrition and increase the intake of high-calorie foods.

In order to help your overweight child get rid of the fat and grease accumulated in his body and get the body and sound strength follow these tips:
Be an example
You also follow a healthy lifestyle because your child does your tradition. It makes no sense for you to make your child eat certain foods while the rest of the family accepts other foods that he is deprived of.
Talk about healthy food
Be aware of the importance of exercise and physical activity and what you do calories in the body if increased and interested to know the meaning of proper nutrition and what must be the behavior of behaviors to maintain the body.

– Take care to get breakfast every day and go beyond breakfast on what some believe contributes to weight gain and not decrease.
No to reward food
If your child does something worth rewarding, do not use food or candy as a reward so that he does not have to do with food as a bonus, but make it a trip, a picnic or anything close to it.
enough sleep
Make your baby sleep for 8 hours daily so do not get him to sleep less because sleep loss helps increase body weight.
Do not force him to finish his food
Some mothers resort to force the child to finish his food and this may appear to be good but on the contrary it is a nervous pressure on the child and may make him hate food and does not want to eat or may lead to the worst is the addiction to food and appetite to eat frequently and correctly Make your child eat until he feels full.
Select a specific time
You should have a specific time to eat and not to eat your baby whenever he likes because that is one of the most important things that lead to weight gain. The right thing is to have three main meals and two light meals.
I cherish his self-confidence
Many parents make mistakes in dealing with the fat child to make him not accept his weight and not what it is and this leads to the destabilization of confidence in himself and his hatred for her, it is better for the child to be fat to be jealous of himself with a weak will.
The right thing is that you and those around him do not ridicule him or criticize him, but make him go to the road through which he loses his weight properly even if it takes a long time and encourages him constantly and motivates him to move forward and give him your love and affection unconditionally or wait for him to achieve Specific results.

Face Different Problems
Many couples resort to some medical means to prevent pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including family planning, poor family conditions, or the desire for late childbearing.

With the development of modern medical methods and the development of medical science, many contraceptives have emerged and depend on the use of too many couples. However, some contraceptive methods are the most common. And the exchange between couples as a result of their effectiveness guaranteed in contraception.

Through this article we will review with you the most common contraceptives and what is the degree of protection of both of them?

Contraception is one of the most common medical methods that prevent pregnancy and is the only method that is most common among many couples because of its low price and easy to use and availability in pharmacies, and pills are 99% effective in the difficulty of reaching sperm to the egg. There are two forms of grain Contraception The first form comes in the common pill, which contains hormones progesterone and estrogen, while the second form is that contains very small capsules but contains only progestin, the pill is taken daily for 21 days and then stop for a week and these For the period of the menstrual cycle comes after the completion of which is eating grain again.


One of the most common and modern methods for contraception is condoms, which have proven to be very effective during the recent period and have become one of the most common contraceptive methods used by couples because they make it difficult to reach the sperm to the egg because it works to hold the semen as it is easy to use and suitable price . Condoms are made of rubber latex and the man wears the penis during intercourse. Condoms are very useful in preventing the transmission of health or serious sexual diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis or syphilis, but it affects sexual pleasure.
The IUD is also one of the most common contraceptives used by many women and is considered to be a safe means of their health and effective pregnancy. The IUD is inserted into the uterus and is carried out through a very small procedure in which the gynecologist places the IUD inside the uterus. It is a machine made of plastic and small copper T-shaped parts, which in turn prevent the excretion of embryos in the womb and the disposal of sperm and eggs The uterine coil lasts for 10 or 15 years depending on the type of coil and can be installed and removed at any time, but its only harm is that it makes the period of the menstrual cycle longer and heavier.
4. Injectable contraception
One of the most common contraceptives also is the injection taken by women every three months for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. It does the same work as the birth control pills and is 99% effective, as it continues to affect the hormones of progesterone and estrogen, which works to release these hormones during the menstrual period, The mucus in the cervix is ​​difficult to reach and therefore the sperm can not reach the fertilized egg for up to 12 weeks, ie, three months. After completing the period, the injection is taken again, and if it is not taken, it is very easy to get pregnant. Injectable contraceptive relies on a very large number of ladies due to its ease of use and its cheap price. These injections do not protect women from some chronic sexual diseases, such as birth control pills, but they are effective in preventing pregnancy.
5-adhesive contraception
One of the modern methods of contraception is the famous and easy-to-use contraception, also available and used by a very large number of ladies. Adhesive action prevents the occurrence of ovulation, and this is done by its role in thickening cervical mucus, which prevents the sperm from reaching the cervix, the contraceptive adhesive also reduces the lining of the uterus and reduce the possibility of adhesion of the egg, and contraceptive adhesion is like Nicotine adhesion, which works to deliver hormones in the body through the skin, and its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is very large, but does not protect women from being exposed to some of the health risks transmitted by sexual contact.


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All About Sable Fish or Butter Fish Seafood Wed, 07 Aug 2019 10:16:48 +0000 Sable fish has a place with the family anoplopomatidea. It likewise has some normal names like sable, candle fish, butterfish and dark cod. It isn’t considered in cod family, as opposed to it is one of its own the family. It has a long body which can be stretched out around 5 ft and its body weight is around 30 kilogram. Its body has dull dark shading on upper side and light dim on the lower side. Its dorsal balances are disengage which are utilized for various purposes like for breathing, swimming and so forth.

Sable fish lives in the sea. It generally found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from the northern Mexico to Alaska. It lives in the profundity of the sea. It can likewise be found in the western north Pacific. It has a long length of life even a portion of its animal groups can be found in the multi year old or more. That is the reason it is called as a seemingly perpetual animal groups. It lives at the base of the sea at the profundity of the 200 m or more. Its littler species can likewise be found close to the surface storage room to the coast.

It is fish which can be consumable. It regularly called as “Butterfish” because of its rich and mellow flavor. It is wealthy in protein which give some additional vitality to body which is most advantageous than other customary feast. It is profoundly contemplated after it we realized that it has no contaminants. It is profoundly wealthy in oil content which is advantageous for smoking. It has rich taste so it is known as margarine fish. Indeed, even it is known as dark cod yet it additionally contained white tissue.

It is exceedingly wealthy in the fat substance of long unsaturated fat of omega 3 unsaturated fat, DHA and EPA. When we zoologist profoundly considered it they realized that its tissue has levels of mercury from low to high. It is generally broadly palatable fish. In numerous nations, it is considered as delectable supper because of its sticky surface and it’s therapeutically significance.

In Alaska, it recreates from March to April and in California from January to March. Its bringing forth and early advancement happens in the profundity of sea in the more profound water. In the wake of bring forth hatchlings swim to the surface water to bolster zooplankton. Its hatchlings develop around 7 to 9 years.

In early days, sable fish is in threat. In any case, presently days it is in the steady structure. It is a long fish which likewise eat some little fishes. It has 2 blades which it utilized for various purposes. It got the little fishes and feed on them. It is gotten by fisheries at the base of sea. It is difficult to get it however various techniques utilized for it. It has most broadly use. It meat is valuable as well as its oil as well. That is the reason zoologist thought about it increasingly significant fish. It has diverse basic names yet dark cod is for the most part known. It is best fish food.

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14 step to treat anger in psychology Fri, 08 Mar 2019 14:13:00 +0000 14 step to treat anger in psychology

There is no one who has not experienced the moment when he is very angry, or you feel the desire to break down and burn everything that exists around you. The anger varies from person to person. Some people get angry for a short time and calm down afterwards. Some people need a lot of time to calm down and get back to normal. Also, each person’s anger is different. They try to control anger in front of others and try to hide anger as much as possible from people, but there are also some people who can not control anger or control themselves during anger, they may shout or break everything around them or they may harm themselves or hurt others .

There are several reasons that make you feel very angry, including lack of money and poor physical condition, or because of the treachery of a person, or because of psychological pressure because of the accumulated work, and whatever the reasons for your anger should not let him control you and worsen your psychological condition, and do not do anything makes you regret In the future, because man at the time of anger says and does things he is not expected to do one day, because the angry person is not in full consciousness, so you should train to treat your anger and how to control yourself in time of anger, so as to avoid problems Do not cause it to yourself in the future.

The way to treat anger:

So that anger can be dealt with and you can control yourself, here are some tips:

Remember God a lot and more than ask for forgiveness when you are disturbed by anything, so that your anger is not aroused and you can not control yourself. Stay away from any place or from anyone who makes you feel angry or angry so you do not lose your temper and do something you regret afterwards. Try not to move too much so as not to increase your anger, preferably if you sit in a quiet place away from the cause of your anger so as not to increase and feel tension. When you sit alone, review and blame yourself for everything you have done and feel that you have disturbed or abused them either by word or deed, so that you feel the rage and the bad deeds that you have done and cause you to lose the nearest people to you and cause them away from you.

How do you control your anger?

Always be aware that your loud shout and lack of control over yourself is a reflection of your weakness and that this will not increase your strength in front of others, but it will reduce their respect for you and will make many people avoid you. Do not let weakness overcome you, but be always keen to have a strong personality that can control your anger and control your mood.

Remember the bad effect that comes on you and your health and your family and friends because of anger, so train yourself away from anger and solve all problems quietly so that you can solve, because in the case of anger no one can think and can not solve the problem no matter how small or large, but when Start by thinking calmly, this will help you a lot to resolve quickly and overcome any consequences you may face in your life.

How to treat anger:

1. Be aware that God is rewarded by controlling his anger and controlling himself because all this indicates the strength of your faith in him, because in the time of anger may occur in mistakes without feeling because he is not fully aware of what he is doing and the devil whispers to him until he does Things angry with God.

2. If you feel tired, you should avoid any discussion of anything that might cause your anger, but go and take a rest and then make this discussion and think about everything you want quietly so as not to be subjected to a situation that angers you.

3. There are some people who may deliberately provoke anger, especially when they notice that you are a person who gets angry quickly and may feel the joy of your anger, but do not leave them the opportunity to underestimate and exploit your weaknesses and prefer to stay away from them and go to sit in any place comfortable and quiet so as not to give No room for anyone to provoke your anger.

4. Be tolerant and patient, and keep away from hatred or bad faith, so as not to deal with anyone with hatred or hatred and do not feel that no one loves you or make bad thoughts overcome you.

5. Assume good faith and make excuses to others and discuss and try to understand the reason why others did so, so as not to get angry for no reason because some people may do anything in good faith and you understand it in bad faith so you have to understand things and know the interpretation of any actions occur From anyone other than you.

6. Do not say any bad words or inappropriate words so as not to increase your anger and will not be able to control your action, but try to speak calmly and do not leave yourself to the emotion and remind God and seek refuge from the devil of the accursed before the anger.

Follow the steps to treat anger:

7. Be a wise and balanced person and think in every word before saying it and think about its results so as not to fall into any problem, and always be aware that your sitting and thinking in solving the problem better than your anger and your emotions without finding a solution.

8. Anger affects your health a lot and may cause you to suffer from pressure, diabetes, or stroke. God forbid, because many emotions affect your health negatively as it increases your blood pressure or sugar during anger.

9. Keep your prayers and your reading of the Qur’an and remember God always, because the remembrance of God dissuades you from anger and helps you to control yourself and keep away from anger as much as possible.

10. Whatever the reason you were angry, be aware that there is nothing in this world that deserves your annoyance for it and keep it always tense and unhappy.

11. These are the best tips that will help you control your anger and get away from it. You must have the strong will and determination to keep away from anger and to control yourself and control your temper during anger.

12. The more you are a warm, patient and quiet person, the more comfortable you are and the more happiness you will have in life.

13. There is no one who is not exposed to problems, each person has problems of his own but the method varies in their acceptance of these problems from one person to another and their way of thinking about them or. When you find a happy person who does not show fatigue or anger permanently do not think that this person is not exposed to problems in his life, but is subject to many problems, but accept them with a receptive chest and seek to solve and get rid of the right way and also benefit from any mistake committed by not to repeat With him the same problem again, so you should accept the problems quietly, so that you can get rid of these problems quietly and do not bother yourself.

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The art of personal financial planning of the family Fri, 08 Mar 2019 04:57:00 +0000

The art of personal financial planning for the family Today, we will offer you the art of personal financial planning for the family. The art of financial planning is one of the most important things that every family sees before taking any step in their family life. Her life.

Definition of the art of financial planning

The art of financial planning is an integrated process by which financial business objectives are set up to achieve substantial financial returns. This financial planning is not only for institutions but also for the family as it is also a small enterprise.

What are the basic steps in the art of financial planning?

 To ensure that family expenses are monitored and regulated, in order to identify the funds that are disbursed and which are entered. A certain expense must be determined on a daily basis and can not be expensed. Know your limits on expenses that are spent monthly.

What are the foundations of financial planning?

Household expenses:

These include rent, water bills, electricity bills, maintenance and housing taxes. Living expenses: These include transport costs and purchase of clothing and foodstuffs. Social expenditure: Includes vacations and restaurant bills. Social activities: Social expenditures vary from person to person and can be changed according to the way people live. Savings: Record money that is placed in a separate account.

Methods of successful financial planning for the family

Enhance your ability to manage your money

When you know all the aspects of which money comes in, you need to know your personal budget and make changes to your daily routine to match your spending. For example, how much do you spend on household expenses in return for the social expenses of your salary, do you spend all the money or keep a portion of the money, or do you pay the entire salary, if that is what you have to do in proportion to your circumstances?

Objectives and incentives

You have to motivate yourself by collecting a portion of your salary on a daily basis, as this helps to save a lot of money over a year, and this money can help you buy something new you need. Setting a goal is one of the most important ways to save money. Long-term goals are to save money to buy a new car or a new home.

The art of personal financial planning of the family

The family always needs to organize in their financial life in order for life to go well, and this needs financial planning such as:

Define budget with income split

The importance of planning lies in the existence of a budget for the family, which is by providing the family with back-up expenses in order to face the difficult circumstances that the family can face. The budget is divided by the wife’s salary if it works on 3 parts, the item of personal expenses, the item of services and the living item, the expenses that are expended, and then the surplus is saved.

Keep the expense book

There are many ways in which the family budget can be maintained, since money is spent without extravagance, because it protects the family from being in need of other people. It is normal for the budget officer to keep the book in which all expenses are charged for review at the end of the month in order to know what is necessary and also to know the unnecessary expenses in order to avoid repetition. Some luxuries are waived which can be dispensed by the couple.

Share others in the layout

A family that knows how to live smartly is the one that all of its members share in managing its money and all its affairs, in order to discuss problems and identify family goals, and also to plan the financial aspects of the family. The participation of family members in all matters related to them helps to strengthen the family, and this helps to create strong personalities, and participation in planning make the family many funds can need in many things.

Make the right purchasing decisions

One of the most important factors that helps with good financial matters is planning for proper buying. The family has a wide range of purchasing needs. Some of these purchases may be of no use. This is a mistake because it makes money. Purchased and benefits the family. Work hard to think deeply about what to buy monthly and what priorities the family needs, and there may be opportunities in the periods of discounts offered by the central stores that must be used to save money from the budget. Interest in the calculation of funds after taxes as this also must be calculated in order to know the income well, and be careful to know the expenditures that are disbursed.

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10 ways to get rid of excessive and continuous thinking Thu, 28 Feb 2019 07:54:00 +0000 10 ways to get rid of excessive and continuous thinking

Everyone overstates the various things in life, and often complains of a lot of thinking and looks for a way to get rid of excessive thinking. Everyone thinks about a lot of things, for example, in a decision they should make, or in things they regret, their own thinking or their concern for their future. Many of them hang inside their heads and feel that there is no way out.

The American Psychological Association describes too much thinking as a repetitive and long-term reflection on the person’s interests and experiences. Over-thinking can lead to anxiety, meditation and self-blame. Man is not born and has too much thinking. But is usually acquired with time and time. Here we have collected some steps that show you how to get rid of excessive and continuous thinking.

First: how to get rid of excessive thinking?

Consciousness: It is natural that too much thinking takes a person far away and makes him unconscious because of his preoccupation with thinking. Awareness involves recognizing negative thinking when it happens. If you are aware of excessive thinking. You will be able to control your excessive thinking as you follow your thoughts and actions. Do not control your thoughts and do not worry about over-thinking.

Wear a rubber band to help cut your thinking style:

 Awareness of excessive thinking makes you able to stop it. You can cut off your thinking by doing something physical. Wear a rubber band around your wrist to always remind you of your over-thinking. The more you find yourself thinking, the more gently tighten the rubber band. You can also change a ring or clock from one hand to the other until you call your thoughts back to reality. Say to yourself “Stop” when you change the place of the clock or the ring or when you tighten the rubber band. Always make this physical reminder.

Second: Ways to get rid of excessive thinking:

Replace your negative thoughts:

 To eliminate your negative thinking, replace your negative thinking with positive thinking after you cut your excess thinking. Repeat positive thinking several times with a loud voice or without a voice in your mind. If excessive thinking lasts longer, repeat this process several times. Over time, you will overcome this negative habit.

Talk to someone you trust:

 There is a solution to eliminate your excess thought that is to share negative thoughts with someone you trust. This person can become a coach, counselor, counselor or friend. This person can help you determine if you are overstating or not, and can also help you free yourself from your negative thoughts. You should consult a doctor if the over-thinking is health-related. The problem may not be as bad as you think and all you need is someone who helps you and assures you that you are healthy and healthy.

Take care of yourself:

Exaggerating thought makes you absent from the present surrounding you. If your mind is busy, you will avoid negative thoughts. Anything that strikes your attention may help you. This concern ranges from arranging your books to alphabetical order, drawing or calculating your yearly expenses. This way you will gradually control your thoughts until you reach your goal.

Over thinking, you can not feel that you are practicing until negative thoughts come to you and a
inking, exercise is the solution. The exercise also increases the secretion of Androfen and Sertonin, which help reduce anxiety and depression. When you concentrate on your exercise, this will distract negative thoughts from your mind. When you have too much thinking, do some exercise, bike or run for half an hour.

Third: How to treat excessive thinking:

1. Decision:

 Sometimes excessive thinking comes as a result of your inability to make a particular decision. Whether it is a divorce or a job, the decision is difficult. He may need to analyze the possible results until you get to the point of being indifferent to something. The most appropriate solution is to set a time for yourself to think about everything about the subject and when the time is approaching, make the decision without hesitation.

 2. Blogging:

It is one of the most important ways to get rid of negative thinking negative Write down these ideas in a paper and then throw away.

3. Already done immediately:

 How to get rid of your excess thinking? I do whatever you think, some people exaggerate in their thinking about difficult tasks I have been assigned to them. The trick here is to start your project that you want to do instead of thinking about it. Focus on a goal and set the time you want the project to take so that you can solve all the problems at the time you set. Moving step by step will make you get rid of your exaggerated thinking about it.

Stop your attempt to reach perfection or to control all things:

 People think too much about things to achieve ideal results, trying to take all the possibilities. But it is important to realize that all the people who have done great things have certainly made mistakes on some points. It is impossible to control everything and avoid error. Thinking of the grace of God is helping man to work. The thinking leads to wisdom in making the decision and forming his opinion. Unfortunately, however, with this grace, people may become overwhelmed by the thought of excess.

Fourth: What are the side effects of excessive thinking:

1. Overthought is a dark corridor:

 Over-thinking leads to entering a dark corridor that has no illuminated end, causes you psychological pain, and makes you feel guilty and shocked. Over-thinking often makes people ask themselves many questions that have no answer and no solution.

2. Losing opportunities:

There are opportunities that may be lost on anyone who overstates his thinking because he takes a long time in his thinking, which prevents him from quickly responding to opportunities.

 3. Anxiety and depression:

Look pessimisticIts creation leads to disorder, anxiety and depression. To overcome your anxiety, fear and depression, you can resort to unhealthy life systems that cause greater anxiety in your future.

 4. Pessimism and misery:

The over-thinking of you loses your ability to see a bright side in this life and become pessimistic and sees nothing in your life except problems.

5. Feeling insomnia:

 When you study something in your mind it is very difficult to sleep and relax. And when you can not find who can translate your thoughts and then continue this drama for the morning hours, so overcome fatigue and sleep. This pattern continues every night until it leads to physical and mental disorder which is chronic insomnia.

6. Complex life:

 Over-thinking does not only make your life complicated, it takes away your life itself. Thinking can not take the place of the act itself. Concern or thinking about the problem is unimportant because it will not change anything. Thinking is lost from human time and thus deprives him of his life. In conclusion, do not make your thinking in this life and its problems take your whole time. Be a positive person, do not hesitate to make decisions. Over-thinking will not make you avoid the mistake, but the mistake is to let your thinking distract you from the act and the success.

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How to be social in easy and simple ways Wed, 27 Feb 2019 12:47:00 +0000 How to be social in easy and simple ways

How to be social in easy and simple ways, social skills are one of the important skills that must be available in the human being, becoming a social person This means that you understand the relationship and work on the departments properly and correctly, this is a social weapon always push you to success and excellence and get the highest rank Which is long dreamed of, whether in personal life or practical life, the social character is characterized by many features, it is to achieve his dreams and make social friends through which the happiness and mental equivalence, which makes him always in the power of intelligence and continuous competition me It is possible to follow up on cultural facts to know how to be social in easy and simple ways.

How to be social in easy and simple ways?

The way you act, interact with others, and even the way you speak, reflects your personality in the minds of those around you to make their impression about you, everything you do will accurately determine the attitude of people from you, whether they respect you or underestimate you, Engage your classmates and get the kind of social personality you’ve always hoped for, and no longer in this article will tell you the steps that will enable you to earn more friends and make your personality more open.

The most important characteristics of social personality The social personality is characterized by many qualities, the most important of which are the following:

1 – This character focuses on the quality of friends and not on quantity, it is possible that there are thousands of friends social networking sites without being within the social circle of human, but the person must care about the quality of his friends to feel the real link with them.

2. This person likes to interact with others face to face, which means seeing people personally, because communicating with people over the Internet or mobile makes interaction with others less effective.

3 – This person likes to share and communicate with others, this indicates that the person feels visual and allows others to know their personality better.

4. People who have social contacts who understand and share their personal information or a small amount of it, social people do not leave the differences stand in the way of rapprochement with others.

5 – This character does not focus on fear, but identify the people you want to be close to them.

Non-social personality signs:

The many non-social personality signs can be observed through:

1  introversion

 A person always sits in his or her condition, does not play or talk to his classmates or asks for help in something, which makes his colleagues also alienate him.

2 Sadness

 The person’s soul at the time always tends to be very sad because he can not find anyone to play with or talk to.

3 Grabbing

When exposed to a very simple position, the person quickly becomes very angry very easily, because he does not speak much, not out of his feelings and what bothers someone, which makes him in great nervous pressure.

How to be a social person?

You can easily and easily eliminate the problem of others social, and converted to a social personality able to deal with people without being subjected to obstacles or problems through.

1 Develop yourself and your personality

 In order to be able to deal with people, you have to work on developing yourself. Through serious dealing without fear or anxiety, you must have complete confidence in yourself and your abilities and that you have the ability to accomplish this task by identifying the obstacles that impede Dealing with the person in front of you, which classifies you as a non-social person such as shyness, and work on it and overcome.

2 Avoid negative thoughts

Negative thoughts block the solution of the problem, so you have to stop completely in those negative thoughts or address them and avoid them in order to get a social person, but with this in mind to stop the conspiracy and anger quickly with the blame and blame on other people, First you recognize that you are unable to deal with them so you can not arrange ideas and how to provide a good deal free of obstacles, the positive person looking for a positive personality, like a negative character tired in the relationship, and consume great energy while dealing without purpose so be absolutely sure who you Deal with it.

3 Building relationships

 The building of relationships is one of the most important elements that must be provided in order to get a social person easily and through the art of modernity, the art of modernity to give the first mental image of the person whether this person enjoys a mental high and attractive or not.

4  Provide courtesy to others

Generously courtesy can be offered, one of the ways to open a conversation with others.

5 Reading books on social skills

There are many books on teaching social skills, ways to start a conversation.

6  Enjoy good behavior

These behaviors are summed up by improving social skills, showing gratitude, refinement, and the use of table etiquette.

7  body language

Is nonverbal communication with others, something that must be observed through visual communication during conversation.

8  Join the support groups

Groups that help support social skills and help people overcome embarrassment or embarrassment, and help improve social skills by making new friendships.

9  Using contacts while talking

Talking to other people by name, while talking to them, helps to positively influence them and gain friends.

10  frequent smile with people

The smile helps to spread the positive attitude in people, which helps spread love among people.

11  Listen to people while talking

It is possible to show listening to others through gBody, by placing the body in front of the person, communicating with the eyes, or oral confirmation.

12  Stay away from issuing orders

If you need to do something, you can ask questions rather than issue orders

13 / To be hones

That is to show the character and to be real and to be respectful and confident of ourselves.

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How to do a successful feasibility study for a project in just 5 steps Wed, 27 Feb 2019 04:05:00 +0000 How to do a successful feasibility study for a project in just 5 steps

Before you begin any project you should be sure of the safety of this project, and identify any risks or losses you will bear if it fails, and here shows the importance of a successful feasibility study for a project, it is a full study of the idea of ??the project before it is actually implemented, Final feasibility study You will get your decision about your project if it works or not.

First: The meaning of a feasibility study for a project:

A feasibility study for a project is a study that you must do before you start to implement your project, whatever its size and type. The result is to answer two questions: First question: Can you implement your project, that is to say, accept implementation? If your answer is yes, go to the second question: How will you implement the project? What steps should you take to implement the project in detail? A project is a group of activities or activities that consume resources, in order to obtain a result.

Second: The importance of the feasibility study for the project:

The feasibility study of the project seeks to achieve many goals, namely: the development of different methods help you deal with your project in modern and sophisticated methods. It helps you understand terms related to economic projects, such as financial value terms, technical tools, or means of investment. A general case study of the market, which helps you to identify the volume of demand for things extracted from your project. Measure any effects of the project on you and on the economy in general, and contribute to your determination of your potential in your project continuation, or your choice of project instead. The selection and employment of individuals with experience in the field of economic projects, which will provide professional support for all stages of the implementation of your project.

Fourth: How to conduct a feasibility study for a successful project:

A successful feasibility study for a group of steps includes:

1. Thinking about creating a project:

 By identifying all the needs in the whole environment surrounding your project, you should examine the needs of unsatisfied people in some people and target them through your project because your dependence on saturated needs may result in your project failing and not achieving its goal and success. For your project, and be different from any ideas for other projects, you must move away from your repetition of already existing project ideas, so it is very important to look for an idea of ??what any person thinks earlier.

 2. Collection of economic data:

Economic data are simple data and do not require any significant cost or expense to compile, but the data may need to be analyzed accurately and in detail for the market you are targeting, and measure the supply and demand ratio, and competition from other projects. These data are designed to make sure that there are no major problems preventing you from actually implementing your project. Economic data include a key information package that provides full support for the project, such as how much people need it to what extent individuals need it in our community. The material needed by the project includes: money, staff, location such as building, office, shop or other locations, as well as the goods or materials you need to start your project. Your project starts at a small scale on a trial basis, then moves from stage to stage, growing to size, and it also happens with the profits you expect to achieve after all the stages of your project’s success. It will help you estimate the costs that you have allocated to your project, which depends primarily on your available owner’s head and your financial plan to implement all stages of your project, which helps you know the value of your expenses and revenue.

3. Develop some alternatives:

Is a stage whose purpose is to provide some alternatives that you can use instead of the rejected data, which are difficult to apply because of an economic, financial or investment constraint, and each data alternative must be equal to the same value of the data type But should be different from them in terms of their financial value or the method of their application in the economic feasibility study plan. They should be careful to evaluate the alternatives before and after implementation so as to ensure that they are in line with the project and that they will perform the required task.

4. Your application of the feasibility study results:

This is the last stage of a feasibility study. It decides whether or not this project is worth doing. This phase has more complete, final and detailed data and information and applies these steps: Study the market or the area of ??your project that you want to deal with . Consider all the project’s requirements and material requirements in detail by making a financial assessment of your project. Your staff and professionals in the areas of management, marketing, planning, accounting and others to gather the necessary information to calculate and analyze them accurately. Begin your project.

 5. Important advice for the success of the feasibility study:

 When you work to study the feasibility of a successful project you should not rush to implement; because failure in your project in the study on paper will be easier than failure during the implementation; because your failure on paper is less expensive material and you can correct the disadvantages of the project easily, has written many books and articles On the feasibility study, which has helped many investors to undertake a feasibility study for their projects.

Fifth: Steps to work a successful feasibility study for your project:

1. Prepare a plan:

The person responsible for the feasibility study should prepare a plan for all aspects of your different project and prepare alternative plans.

 2. Recruit staff according to your need:

Some entrepreneurs hire engineers who have a lot of experience and are able to do a proper feasibility study for your project and are skilled in data analysis, but you have to trust the ability of these engineers to work efficiently before you authorize them to do the job.

3. Perform the study

Feasibility: When preparing and planning all the important points in the main project on paper here ends the role of the engineer in preparing for it and comes your turn to implement the plan in fact.

4. Write down the results of the feasibility study:

 You should write down all the results until you reach them continuously and put them in a single report as the report will be the final result of the feasibility study of your project that you planned and prepared.

 5. Provide staff with feasibility study of the project:

 Feasibility study is not a hidden secret for employees because it will not achieve the purpose for which it has been prepared. Therefore, the project feasibility study should be published and distributed to employees to help them improve work performance and make appropriate and correct decisions.

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10 Quick Tips To Save And Save Money Tue, 26 Feb 2019 11:29:00 +0000 10 Quick Tips To Save And Save Money

Have you made many attempts to save money, but all attempts have failed? Do you want to save money ?, but do not know the steps you should take, here is a quick set of tips to save and save money.

First: How do you save money?

Organize your finances:

Do you know where you spend your money each month? All you have to do in the first step if you want to save your money is to organize your finances. Do you have a goal to help save money? Set a goal that helps you spend less than the previous time. For example, if you want to travel or buy a house, you should pay more attention while you spend money. If you can not organize your finances yourself, all you have to do is upload a specialized application.

Buy only that written in your list:

Before you go shopping, write down what you lack at home in a small paper. Try to stick to what you have written on the paper, and all that is above it is not necessary, or you do not need it at this time. So focus only on everything you really need.

Follow Rule 10 seconds:

You may not have heard about this rule in advance, and the name may be strange to you. This rule says you have to think for 10 seconds about why you want to buy the purpose, and what makes you buy it: has this thing run out of your home? Or want to buy something as a gift? Or is it not needed originally?

Second: How to save money?

Do not rush your decision:

Do not rush to decide whether or not to purchase a purchase. Wait until a few days, or a week, and compare your desire to buy it at the moment and want to buy it over time. Do you want to become less or still want to buy? If you do not want the purpose as before, this means you do not need it.

Wait until the time of the cuts:

If the purpose you want to buy is not necessary at this time, why this wheel? Wait until a few weeks and the discount season will start in all the shops, so you can buy the same purpose but at a lower price. Most shops and shopping malls make price cuts from season to season.

Third: Steps to save money:

Avoid getting annoyed when you feel tense or sad:

It is well known that shopping helps to change one’s mood. Studies recommend treating sadness or getting rid of stress by shopping. So if you’re trying to save money, you might want to look for a different way to treat your grief or stress.

Buy Used Items:

You can buy used items. Used in some Arab countries such as Lebanon and the Gulf, the used items have been very successful, having had great success in Western countries. This method is very effective in saving money, especially in furniture, clothing or electronic tools.

Prepare your own food:

If you eat every day or more at restaurants during work time and want to save money, you should stop. Start preparing your food at home, of course it will cost less, and its health benefits are greater.

Fourth: How to save money and save it:

1. Reduce your electricity and water consumption:

 This method will not be the most appropriate to save money, but it will certainly contribute to the subject. If you turn off the light you do not need, or reduce your water consumption, you will definitely pay a small bill compared to what you paid before. On the other hand, it will contribute to the preservation of the environment.

2. Do not disobey yourself:

 Did you ever want to buy anything in a day and buy it right away? !! This is one of the most important obstacles that will prevent you from saving your money, but the solution is simple. If you crave something and you want to buy it, do not buy it immediately, but give yourself a break for at least a week before buying it because the same people may crave something today and then reject it tomorrow. Sometimes we crave something and then the desire to buy it changes in the second day or after a few days. If you want to buy a new hour, for example, give yourself a period of one week before you buy it and after this week if you find yourself still Egypt to buy the hour, it means that your desire in the hour is not just a fancy but your desire is real. But if you find yourself not interested in it, be aware that your desire to buy it was not real.

3. Set a goal in front of you:

This is one of the most important points you should be aware of. It is also a major focus in helping you save money. Who among us has no dream? For example, make your dream buy a house and specify its value and also set a specific time to achieve this goal even if it is distant or was close and set the income every month until you earn this amount, for example if Your goal is to buy a home in five years. You can calculate it as follows: Home Value ??? Number of Months = Monthly income you must provide for yourself to achieve your goal.

4. Withdraw the salary Put it at home:

 This is one of the most important ways you should use it when you want to save money for travel or for essential. Take all your money from the bank and place it in your house (you must put it in a safe so that it does not steal, God forbid), of course, after taking out the monthly payments you have to pay, such as rent the house and pay the bills. The purpose of this is that often when we go out of the house, our human soul is doing all kinds of things without hesitation and without any calculation, so you may find that you bought things that are not necessary because you have a credit card with you. If the money at home, this will force you to return home until you come Money, which will cause your kidneys and your withdrawal from spending money on unnecessary things. This method is related to the first way we mentioned, you will wait until you return home until the second day until you bring money from Sage5. Charity:

Charity is a very important thing, it is the main reason after God Almighty to increase the blessing in the owner and remove your misfortunes, we advise everyone to make a part every month fixed and presented as charity.

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How to invest your money successfully? Gold tips and rules for investing money Fri, 22 Feb 2019 01:43:00 +0000 How to invest your money successfully? Gold tips and rules for investing money

Investing money: How to invest your money successfully. Investment is our only way to make money and make profits in order to reach wealth or financial success. Investment may take many forms that make any investment decision difficult. The decision to invest depends mainly on the amount of money you want to invest and of course it needs a lot of financial awareness so as not to find your money has evaporated suddenly without any benefit from them.

To make your investment decision, you have to take some important steps. You must answer many basic questions such as how much money will I invest? What is the best investment project for me? How do I invest my money in many profitable ways? And other questions.

But the collection of money in itself in any way does not achieve singing and wealth, but requires the investment of funds and achieve the value of double the money because the placement of money in the banks does not make a profit or even doubled so investing money is the step that you must follow after you collect money in the way your favourite

These questions may appear obvious in their appearance, but they need some experience and the basic things to answer. As we say, we in the Money Art website will always provide you with a summary of these ideas and tips as well as the best methods, methods and rules that will help you make the decision to invest the crucial money and start making money. Then.

1 – Pay all your debts in addition to the loans and invoices due:

Do you know what is the biggest enemy of investment? Well it’s debt and even loans. Therefore, if you make your decision on the investment, you must first get rid of all accumulated debt and pay all the premiums owed to you.

If you invest in a loan, you are at risk of never taking advantage of the return on investment, because you will have to pay the interest on the investment return, which will be low initially.

2. Start saving money:

Saving is the main investment nerve. First, it will be the amount of investment that you will start investing in, and secondly, it will support you if you lose that investment or you have experienced a particular financial crisis or crisis.

Always try to keep an amount of money for critical situations where you have to put that amount away without ever spending or investing, and besides that amount you have to save enough money to start investing.

3. Identify your investment objectives:

In this step you can think about investing money seriously, that is to think about the areas of investing money and investment methods as well. You may think that the investment goals are the same for everyone and are the greatest return on investment, but you have to be aware that there are some details that you should think before you start.

Do you want to rely on investment primarily?
Or will it be an additional resource or source of income?

Do you want to expand your investment and establish your own projects? Or do you want to bring prosperity to yourself only?

Now what is the best way to invest money or how to invest your money successfully?

Ways and means of investing funds:
There are several ways in which you can invest money in order to generate high returns and profits. Of course, you can diversify your investments to avoid risk.

Here are the most important ways to invest money:

1- Investment through your personal project

This is one of the most unique investment methods, because it provides you with financial stability first and avoids investing in investments that you are not convinced of. You have to study the idea of ??your project, which you have long dreamed of achieving, to implement it and make money through it.

Download: Successful small projects detailed and ready for implementation
Of course you can start your own business or invest in cooperation with another partner. The first step you must take is to study your project accurately and in detail. In order to draw a clear profit model for the project, you must prepare feasibility studies and plan with a business model, where the market, competitors, how to make profits, And other important matters.

2- Investing in the stock market

This method is one of the ways to provide  profit and return on equity.
Of course, we recommend that you make a safe investment in the Warren Buffett method, a genius investor who has managed to make a fortune without resorting to speculation and risk. He has only invested wisely.

3 – Investment in real estate

This investment is a secure, guaranteed and profitable way of investing. It examines the real estate market extensively, determines the best place to invest and what real estate can generate huge business returns while at the same time matching your savings or the appropriateness of the funds you have monitored for investment.

Investing in gold and precious metals

They are long-term investments, where they buy gold or other precious metals, which are characterized by their constant price increases. So the amount you set for today’s investment will double for you tomorrow. This type of investment is an alternative to hoarding your money and keeping it without investing.

Invest in areas where no one invests

You may notice a recession in a particular market or the presence of certain products that no one buys, and in this case you must be smart to invest in. The advantage of this type of wallInvestments are that you will buy at a low price to sell these products or properties at a high price later, because that recession will be the result of a crisis that must be solved later.

6. Take advantage of opportunities and invest in a timely manner

It is not enough to make your decision to invest, for example, to start buying stocks, buying gold or otherwise. You have to wait smartly until you see the right opportunity to invest. Usually the best opportunity to invest is the opportunity where the price of those stocks or gold is low to its maximum and will not reach it again. You have to be patient and smart together to ensure you earn as much money as you can.

7. Take advantage of opportunities and sell at a high price

We have advised you to wait so you can buy at the lowest price, and we recommend that you apply the same advice on selling but in reverse. That is to wait and not sell stocks or gold or otherwise until the prices reach a high limit will reach him only rarely.

In fact, return on investment is only the amount of value added, that is, the amount that we can get from the difference between low costs and high prices.

You may be interested: Knowing the difference between assets and liabilities is the first step towards wealth
Investing Money: How to invest your money successfully?
The following steps will help you to invest your money successfully, especially as the investment opportunities in the Arab world are very large and we lack some experience and know how to invest to capture such opportunities and gain the necessary expertise to properly employ the funds.

Here are the important ways to invest money as follows:

1. Know the size of what you own:
How much money do you want to invest?

This is what you should know well as well as identifying everything that goes into investing your money from real estate or money so that it stands for the size of everything you want to invest, because knowing and determining the amount of invested money makes you able to determine the form of investment that fits the size of the capital, Easily available investment opportunities and risk ratio at every investment opportunity.

It is also necessary to look at the investment market in general to take the experience and determine the time required for investment in the sense of whether the amount invested for many of the time to double the value or a little time, at this stage also you have to know the experience required to invest these funds by the investment itself or the use of an expert In the field of investment management.

2. Determine the area of ??investment

Your main goal must be clear to be able to achieve as well as the area in which you must invest in it must be specific so after you know the investment market must be taken an idea about the real estate market and the stock market and the gold market, etc.

Given the size of the money you want to invest and the nature of each market you can determine the investment area in light of the experience required.

3- In-depth study of the field of investment

After choosing a particular area of ??investment, you need to be more and more interested in the investment you intend to enter. This is what you know when you know how to buy and sell in this area and the expected profit opportunities and the lowest and the highest profit rate can be achieved, This area has a potential loss ratio.

In this context, it is recommended not to rely on investment companies in this field because they use multiple lure methods to attract investors without mentioning the risks and without talking about investment opportunities realistically, it is preferable to study the investment market in the chosen field in the light of taking expert advice.

Invest in more than one area

Even if the field of investment is guaranteed, the most important investment advice that does not change is not to put all the eggs in one basket, especially since the investment market is always changing what is gaining now is likely to lose tomorrow or to hit the recession so the best way to invest money is to diversify the investment so that You can choose the investment markets you want to enter well and this is the best plan to face the changes in the market.

5. As far as your goal is your investment

Why do you want to invest your money?

Is it to achieve the goal of my time or to achieve a permanent goal ..?

For example, if you want to buy a house or a car, you need to invest in a fast-win field such as the gold market or if you want to win permanently and not to achieve a specific goal you should invest in guaranteed profit areas that do not carry a high risk rate such as investment in the real estate market, And that fast-paced investment markets such as equity speculation carry greater risk than other investments.And a final advice on investing successful money is not to rush, as we said, do not put all your money in one area also be careful not to invest every profit in one area, especially if you can make a profit in the beginning because the quick profit tempts many and push them to investments greater than calculated, To invest your money in more than one area at the beginning of investment so you have to invest your profits as well as study every area you wish to invest in, so only succeed in investing your money without losses.

We have provided you with the most important advice you can from investing in money and how to invest your money in how to invest your money successfully. We hope that you will see among these rules and advice what benefits you to start investing and making profits.

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