Have a passion for reading to your children

Have a passion for reading to your children
Your life will change your children when they discover the pleasure of reading and diving in the realms of novels. They will raise issues, stories and events that change their outlook on the world, helping them to increase their love of reading in their free time.

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Instilling the love of reading in your children’s body helps them to increase their drive towards learning and knowledge, expand their awareness and increase their ability to absorb and concentrate. Hence, you should start this process at a young age so that the reading usually accompanies them until adolescence and youth.

The beginning is to read to your children before bedtime. We do not mean fairy tales, but rather literary, artistic or cultural narratives that correspond to their age, so that they understand the meanings, vocabulary and stories they hear.

Diversification is essential If you want your child to read, all the books you read should not be deep, contain difficult, complex and difficult-to-understand terms that can begin with entertaining and light books.

Discuss with your child the content of the book he has read in order to know how well he has benefited from it, and have your point of view or explain to him what he did not understand well.

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The house is not without games, and the books are almost non-existent, and this is wrong, as the house must contain a large library, where many types of books.

Some stories and novels spread information, values ​​and even images that do not fit into our society, customs and traditions, so do not forget to look forward to the content of books that fall into the hands of young people.

The child needs to feel proud of him, and you have to be more than proud when he chooses to read his hobby, so buy him a gift when he finishes reading an important book or give him a modest financial amount.

You need to engage in cultural and intellectual discussions with your husband about the latest books you read, in a smooth and simple way, so that your children understand the words and are excited about reading and BI themselves.

Baby in the face of colds
Winter is the first enemy of the baby as it increases the likelihood of being infected with colds and facing difficult times before getting rid of the annoying symptoms and healing. During this period, the mother feels frightened and worried about her young, especially that she does not know how to help him overcome his health problem. So, let us know how we can successfully overcome this phase.

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Monitoring of symptoms

Since viruses do not differentiate between small and large, the cold may catch a child who is less than a month old, in which case it is necessary to monitor the symptoms quickly to start treatment.

Precautionary measures

To protect the young person from colds, you have to keep him away from any person who has a cold and provide him with a warm and sterile environment as far as possible. If these precautionary measures do not work, and notice that symptoms appear on the young person such as coughing, fever, red eyes, nasal obstruction, For appetite, know that the virus can penetrate its defense systems.

Resistant disease

Unlike the bacteria, they can not be combated with inflammatory drugs, so you can only wait for the small body to be able to resist the virus. The immune system is strengthened and cured. During this time, you can help relieve the symptoms of the cold until it disappears.

One bedroom accompanies your child for many years

Intervention to help

We recommend that you first keep the child in a warm room and moisturize with steam, and there are dedicated devices in the pharmacy, in this way help him to breathe, especially as he will face a tightness of breath due to sputum accumulated in his chest.

Eat and drink

It is also necessary to raise the small head using a pillow so that he can get enough oxygen. Also, urge him to drink milk and fluids and eat every two hours if he is of the age allowed to eat food.

Pull phlegm

It is necessary to pull the phlegm from the nose of the child about 3 times a day so that he can eat and drink comfortably, using a suction machine and a special solution containing water and salt.

Prevent visits

You should prevent relatives and friends from visiting your home so that your child will recover faster. If you continue to do so for more than a week, you should quickly introduce him to your doctor to guide you toward the best way to get rid of the cold.

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