Here are some tricks to help you cook faster

Here are some tricks to help you cook faster

The Russian APRI website published a report reviewing some of the tricks that help cook food in a quick way, especially since some do not tend to cook meals inside the house because they require a lot of time to prepare.

“Adding a little salt to water before cooking pasta does not only help you get a delicious taste, it boosts the boiling point of the water, which reduces the amount of cooking time,” the website said. All chefs from all over the world use the traditional French approach to preparing food, which requires the preparation of all ingredients in advance, which helps to speed up the cooking process, and prevent the occurrence of many problems, such as over-frying some ingredients, or not find some.

The site added that cooking in a cold frying pan causes a lot of wasted time, as well as the adhesion of vegetables, so the pan should be heated before putting the ingredients in it. To gain more time, you should follow a certain recipe when preparing a meal, knowing that heating the oven in advance to reach the temperature required for cooking contributes to the profit of a lot of time. To avoid many problems, it is recommended to use meat after placing it at room temperature for a certain period, and then dividing it into equal pieces.

Adding water to some sauces can help save more time, as water helps prevent the sauce from burning. On the other hand, the non-use of measuring devices for the preparation of various recipes leads to loss of control of ingredients, resulting in waste of more time. In the meantime, convection ovens equipped with many devices for different functions help to cook food in a quick way.

And the website that use a small-sized skillet among the tricks that help to cook food in a faster way. Instead of using regular butter should be used aromatic butter, which is not limited to the addition of delicious taste of dishes, but also reduce the time required to cook, too. In addition, cooking the food in a covered container helps to reduce the normal length of time for preparation of the meal. In addition, it is recommended to replace the regular knives with kitchen scissors for slicing the meat or cutting the vegetables.

The site pointed out that the use of old knife in cutting vegetables cause time wasting, so it is advised to sharpen the knife, and make it sharp; in order to cut food and other. In this frame, the vegetables should be sliced ​​and then washed, to remove the dirt from the hard-to-reach areas, which helps to speed up the cooking process. By adding spices to some pieces of meat, the individual can earn a lot of time during cooking.

It is worth mentioning that the meat hammer is a tool that helps prepare recipes that require very thin meat cuts. In general, the use of a meat hammer helps to make the meat more tender, and to remove excess fluid, which facilitates the cooking process. In addition, the use of baking soda when cooking beans allows for cooking time.

Eating meat and vegetables at the same time speeds cooking and cleaning.
To gain more time, it is recommended to prepare meat without bones. Although some recommend preparing bread at low temperature, to ensure fresh bread, some do not mind preparing it at high temperature. In the same context, instead of preparing the sauce more than once, it is advisable to prepare a large quantity, and save them in small containers; for later use, and can do the same when preparing butter spice. Thus, it allows the preparation of a delicious dish, without much effort.

In conclusion, the site pointed out that the use of vegetable residues, spices, and meat, gives an appetizing flavor to some dishes, similar to broth, while making the soup and sauce more delicious. On the other hand, making the dishes after use in the preparation of the food is tired, so and to save more time, should be clear pots during the cooking process.
7 spiral ideas I’m not a smart house
The kitchen is a big and vast world of truth, because our Lord Pekermany and Beshra cook with memories of my lab with the College of Sciences College, and I stayed in the lowest levels of myalms, he said.
But in fact away from cooking and its fundamentals and secrets, which we talked about them inspirational chef gift in the “from the needle to the missile” I am always dazzled by the smart ideas, which works by the six tractors because of the availability of time or space in the kitchen and benefit from the maximum benefit.

In the article, I brought you 7 more ideas that caught my attention and I love to share with you.

1 – Peeling garlic

For me, 3 more boring needs on the face of the earth, but the idea is to let me peel off a whole garlic head in less than 5 seconds. All of you have to peel the garlic with your hands, so you can remove it from it and put it in the bar for as long as you can. 3 seconds .. And after you stayed with you garlic alone and peel alone .. Simply like this.

2 – Baking Powder Slim?

From the period of the cake and Talat almost made omelets, and was the reason? The baking powder that I used was pure.
How do you know if the baking powder you have in the refrigerator is healthy or not? My cheek is a little hanging from it, and its dome in Cuba is a shallow water, if bubbles appear to remain intact, otherwise it will remain intact.

3. Egg testing

It is a very simple test that you can estimate. If you prefer fresh eggs from old or unfit eggs, all you have to do in Cuba is water. If you prefer the egg on the bottom of the cuba, you will stay healthy.
A friendly picture of Btbinlk almost how to know eggs that you have fresh and not to.

4- Ice cream

If you are a fan of ice cream, and you can answer the amount of reserves and keep it in the freezer, especially that the summer we have, the most beautiful Htahby keep Bih and soft and soft than what freezes as you appreciate it at any time.
Simply put, you keep the ice cream bag in a bag of milling bags, taking into account that you are coming out of the bag and quilling it before you chill it in the freezer.
5 – equal cake
If you do not have the Chinese, which opens as you appreciate the future of the cake after the level of what you do not care about, try alone in the Chinese butter paper to cover all aspects of the Chinese, because the cake is worth appreciating lift from the Chinese using paper is not what shivering or tearing.

6 – prevent feces
I need to be bothered by the fact that I am a cooker and I put on a suit, for example, if I cook noodles or any need, and the water boils and spreads on the stove and shakes it.
The solution is so simple that you take a spoon of wood with the width of the Hilla on the fire, and it prevents it from feces, because the wood is soaked by the moisture and all the bubbles that are flying to the top.

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