How to be social in easy and simple ways

How to be social in easy and simple ways

How to be social in easy and simple ways, social skills are one of the important skills that must be available in the human being, becoming a social person This means that you understand the relationship and work on the departments properly and correctly, this is a social weapon always push you to success and excellence and get the highest rank Which is long dreamed of, whether in personal life or practical life, the social character is characterized by many features, it is to achieve his dreams and make social friends through which the happiness and mental equivalence, which makes him always in the power of intelligence and continuous competition me It is possible to follow up on cultural facts to know how to be social in easy and simple ways.

How to be social in easy and simple ways?

The way you act, interact with others, and even the way you speak, reflects your personality in the minds of those around you to make their impression about you, everything you do will accurately determine the attitude of people from you, whether they respect you or underestimate you, Engage your classmates and get the kind of social personality you’ve always hoped for, and no longer in this article will tell you the steps that will enable you to earn more friends and make your personality more open.

The most important characteristics of social personality The social personality is characterized by many qualities, the most important of which are the following:

1 – This character focuses on the quality of friends and not on quantity, it is possible that there are thousands of friends social networking sites without being within the social circle of human, but the person must care about the quality of his friends to feel the real link with them.

2. This person likes to interact with others face to face, which means seeing people personally, because communicating with people over the Internet or mobile makes interaction with others less effective.

3 – This person likes to share and communicate with others, this indicates that the person feels visual and allows others to know their personality better.

4. People who have social contacts who understand and share their personal information or a small amount of it, social people do not leave the differences stand in the way of rapprochement with others.

5 – This character does not focus on fear, but identify the people you want to be close to them.

Non-social personality signs:

The many non-social personality signs can be observed through:

1  introversion

 A person always sits in his or her condition, does not play or talk to his classmates or asks for help in something, which makes his colleagues also alienate him.

2 Sadness

 The person’s soul at the time always tends to be very sad because he can not find anyone to play with or talk to.

3 Grabbing

When exposed to a very simple position, the person quickly becomes very angry very easily, because he does not speak much, not out of his feelings and what bothers someone, which makes him in great nervous pressure.

How to be a social person?

You can easily and easily eliminate the problem of others social, and converted to a social personality able to deal with people without being subjected to obstacles or problems through.

1 Develop yourself and your personality

 In order to be able to deal with people, you have to work on developing yourself. Through serious dealing without fear or anxiety, you must have complete confidence in yourself and your abilities and that you have the ability to accomplish this task by identifying the obstacles that impede Dealing with the person in front of you, which classifies you as a non-social person such as shyness, and work on it and overcome.

2 Avoid negative thoughts

Negative thoughts block the solution of the problem, so you have to stop completely in those negative thoughts or address them and avoid them in order to get a social person, but with this in mind to stop the conspiracy and anger quickly with the blame and blame on other people, First you recognize that you are unable to deal with them so you can not arrange ideas and how to provide a good deal free of obstacles, the positive person looking for a positive personality, like a negative character tired in the relationship, and consume great energy while dealing without purpose so be absolutely sure who you Deal with it.

3 Building relationships

 The building of relationships is one of the most important elements that must be provided in order to get a social person easily and through the art of modernity, the art of modernity to give the first mental image of the person whether this person enjoys a mental high and attractive or not.

4  Provide courtesy to others

Generously courtesy can be offered, one of the ways to open a conversation with others.

5 Reading books on social skills

There are many books on teaching social skills, ways to start a conversation.

6  Enjoy good behavior

These behaviors are summed up by improving social skills, showing gratitude, refinement, and the use of table etiquette.

7  body language

Is nonverbal communication with others, something that must be observed through visual communication during conversation.

8  Join the support groups

Groups that help support social skills and help people overcome embarrassment or embarrassment, and help improve social skills by making new friendships.

9  Using contacts while talking

Talking to other people by name, while talking to them, helps to positively influence them and gain friends.

10  frequent smile with people

The smile helps to spread the positive attitude in people, which helps spread love among people.

11  Listen to people while talking

It is possible to show listening to others through gBody, by placing the body in front of the person, communicating with the eyes, or oral confirmation.

12  Stay away from issuing orders

If you need to do something, you can ask questions rather than issue orders

13 / To be hones

That is to show the character and to be real and to be respectful and confident of ourselves.

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