How to cook at home latest Guide For Womens

How to cook at home
For lovers of cooking .. Beware of these fatal mistakes!
Cooking has always been an art that many people do not know, but if you are a fan and have mastered delicious dishes, be sure to offer a beautiful, but harmful, food for you and your family. Quick tips are made by nutritionists, to avoid common mistakes in the kitchen.

Cooking enthusiasts may make some mistakes while cooking food which may cause damage to health. International nutrition experts have given several tips to follow before preparing food and correct some of the special concepts related to it.

Use of fat

Food can be cooked using different types of fat, such as olive oil. It is very healthy but to a certain extent and in some foods only. Coconut oil is not recommended for cooking at high temperatures. According to Dr. Maggie Michelzick, a nutritionist in Chicago, some oils burn at a certain temperature and once placed at a high temperature release the fat in them and release vapors and toxins can harm the body. Foods suitable for high temperatures are refined avocado oil, almond oil, canola, grape seed oil, peanut oil, sunflower and sesame. It is preferable to stay away from soya oil and corn oil because they contain a large percentage of calories and harmful sugars.

Heat the oils

Healthy oils should not be heated as they contain many vitamins and health ingredients that lose their value during heating. For example, olive oil and coconut oil, as mentioned above, only two tablespoons of these oils should be used in the cooking process as the use of large amounts is a significant harm to health. These oils are preferred to be used in cold dishes such as salads or to be added to foods that have already been cooked and raised from fire, and the process of frying uses grape seed oil or sunflower.

Fry healthy foods

Fried food may taste better than grilled and loved by many, but in fact it is very damaging. In the process of frying healthy foods such as vegetables, meat and sometimes fruit are converted into harmful meals, especially if frying is a lifelong lifestyle. Janet Kimzell, nutrition expert at the University of Mont Claire in America, says eating fried foods in large quantities and for long periods leads to many of the most serious diseases, heart disease and diabetes. If you are obsessed with fried food, the solution is to use an electric skillet that does not require large amounts of oil. You can enjoy fried food while preserving your health.

Burned foods

Many people enjoy the taste of overcooked meat, which may reach the degree of combustion, but these burnt meat contains dangerous substances to the extent of toxicity. Christian Cooper, nutritionist at Pace University of America, warns that the meat that burns is made up of two substances (PAH) and (HCA) that are harmful to human DNA. Associated with cancer. Cooper is advised not to expose the meat during cooking to high temperatures and flipping on the sides from time to time and not to eat burnt pieces.
Use of wrong cooking utensils
Also, choosing the ingredients you use for cooking is important. Choosing the utensils used to process the process is important. Raul Serrano, a Florida medical expert, warns that non-stick utensils are the main culprit if we talk about food poisoning. He adds that Teflon utensils such as cake, pizza and other utensils contain an industrial substance called PFOA or C8. Some studies conducted at the International Agency for Research on Cancer have found a link between this substance and cancer, infertility and liver dysfunction. Serrano is advised to use alternatives during cooking, such as pots made of cast iron, glass, ceramics or stainless steel.

Eat the dough

Some people tend to taste dough while baking cakes, but nutrition experts at Eatig Wright advised not to eat cakes containing raw eggs as they contain salmonella bacteria and other harmful bacteria that cause poisoning.

cleaning hands

Common mistakes made by some during cooking are wiping hands in a towel and not washing them with soap and water, which poses a serious health hazard. During the process of cooking, many bacteria pass to the hands, especially with the use of meat or raw poultry, so washing hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds is necessary to maintain health.

Disclosure of validity of food

The taste of food is questionable validity of the most serious reasons that can lead to poisoning. Many foods that have been cooked for several days contain bacteria that are not visible so you should not taste them, but you can reveal their powers through the smell and reveal the shape and color.

the way to prepare food at home may accelerate death!
Nutrition experts stress the health importance of eating at home rather than eating outside. But the method of preparing food at home can turn it into a killer poison. In this article you know why.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) 
– The method of preparing food at home can threaten human life if it does not take into account many things such as the temperature at which food is cooked, a new study suggests.

In contrast to what is commonly known, the higher the temperature of the oven during cooking, the more the bacteria die in food, the Scottish diet experts say that the high temperature during cooking causes the emergence of toxins in food, such as during frying and preparing the barbecue, Praxis Net “.

The researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, say that preparing food at high temperatures causes long-term shortening of life.

The high temperature during cooking changes the chemical composition of food and the appearance of toxic chemicals block arteries and increase the risk of heart attacks.

This new theory will explain why the prevalence of heart disease is high in some people. In many societies, food is prepared continuously under high temperature, either by industrial furnaces or by traditional methods such as firewood.

According to experts, these risks are more common in South Asian countries due to food preparation habits there. The researchers excluded China, where people do not resort to cooking at high temperatures, adds the German health site “Hail Praxis Net.”

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