How to prepare home food if you are an employee

How to prepare home food if you are an employee
Do you worry about your inability to balance work requirements with home requirements? Are you still unable to prepare food on schedule?
Do you suffer from the provision of non-fresh food for the husband and children to busy your work and your inability to prepare fresh food?
Do you still get out of the work rushing to your home to assess the preparation of food before the return of the husband from work and boys from schools ?.
It’s a problem that worries many women. We help you solve your problem by following the tips we give you, which will help you achieve your hopes and relieve your stress and nervousness and the suffering you have every day.

Confused working mother between home and work requirements

It is known that the working mother spends a considerable amount of time outside the home, so the time provided by the working mother to her home is much less than the time provided by the non-working mother, although each has the same duties and responsibilities towards the home and the husband and children and against themselves. And their efforts and thinking scattered and sometimes scattered between home and work, and there are women who press themselves to balance between them, and then collapse physically and mentally in some cases. It is therefore very important to arrange time and organize things to try to balance the work and home sides and not neglect any of them so as to give each side its right. The most important thing is not to pressure a woman not to feel that she has a lot of work and little time.

Problems caused by lack of reconciling work and home

There are many problems in which some working mothers may fall due to their interest at the expense of the other side, such as neglecting their home at the expense of completing the work to the fullest, which causes many problems with the husband to not meet his requests and care as needed and needs, and the problems of children for neglect and lack thereof With them the longest time. It may be negligence at work at the expense of the house, which causes them problems in the work, such as lack of progress or receive an upgrade, for example, or to impose sanctions due to the delay or shortfall in the work, and thus become a useful work is only desirable amount of money spent about half of the Clothing and footwear, without the benefit of working in self-realization or reaching higher grades.

One of the most important problems that women may face is their inability to provide a fresh, healthy hot meal for their children and their husband daily.

 Important tips for working mother kitchen

Here are some important tips for working mothers for the kitchen:

You should prepare a list of deficiencies and necessities required in the coming days by writing down the goods and types of vegetables you have run out, or writing down what you will need to prepare a meal in the coming days so as not to be surprised during the preparation of a meal, you have something missing.
You have to set up a list of works that you are required to do so that you do not forget them, and then the business builds up and you feel overwhelmed.
You need to use some types of appliances that help you to cook in less time, such as kebbe, which is used in meat, onion and mulch, and use them in the right way to obtain the good result and the appropriate size for the type of food in addition to preserving it, and available in the market many Chinese electrical appliances at a very cheap price And when used properly and preserved do not damage, relieve you and save you time and effort.
Prepared food

Here are some tips for pre-preparing certain foods and vegetables and how to deal with each type and with each meal to prepare them quickly.


Use tomato in the work of poultry, cooking, noodles, etc., and to prepare them in a way that makes their use easy and fast, buy several kilos of tomatoes, put them in water on the fire and leave for a few minutes after boiling, lift them off fire and hit them in the blender, Easy to beat in the blender, and can be dispensed with if the tomato is red and hard. After they are beaten in the blender, drain them and set them on fire without any additives. Leave them until a large amount of water is evaporated into a sauce, then pack them in plastic bags and keep them in the freezer.

When you go to work in the morning, take out one of the bags of tomatoes from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator until the snow melts until you return from work, and when you enter the house, take it out of the refrigerator until you finish changing your clothes to warm the room temperature and then use it to cook vegetables or pasta or tajin. .etc.


Malukhiyya has more than one way to save them. Some wash and spread them until they dry and peel them and dry them in the sun and save them in paper bags inside plastic bags in the kitchen. Leaving them dry and then picking the leaves and tearing them in the miner in a certain way as follows:

Put some leaves and run the mince a few seconds and wait a bit and then run for a few more seconds and wait a bit.
Each time we put a number of leaves and weave them in the cutter but do not make them completely smooth but we only make all the existing papers break into small parts.
Then remove it from the mincer and complete the mapping using the normal lathe manual to be a good strength and will take you a long time, but several minutes.
Then put it in plastic bags – distributed by the amount used in each meal – and kept in the freezer and remain for about a month is usable.
We follow the same steps that we used in tomatoes, so you take them out of the freezer in the morning before going to work and put in the refrigerator until the snow melts until you return to Be ready to use.

Stuffed with all kinds

To make the stuffed cabbage paper, wash, cut, boil and keep in the freezer for a week or two, and follow the same method in the previous melting and used very normally as if fresh. You can prepare it on weekends and can follow the same method with grape leaves with it does not take time to prepare.

Eggplant can not be prepared before a large period, meaning that it is prepared several hours before it is prepared to be washed, curled and stored in the fridge for the next day only. It can not be left in the fridge any more, otherwise it will be damaged and the same situation for the zucchini.

The mixture (rice, onion, parsley, tomato juice, sauces and spices) can be kept in the refrigerator for one or two weeks at most and kept in the freezer for later use as if it were fresh and the spice can be delayed so as not to lose flavor. .

Meat, chicken and fish

There is no problem with keeping the meat, but sometimes it takes time to settle. If you are going to use it to prepare the tuffin or the oven trays, settle it the day before. Put the meat in the water with onions, black pepper and the desired spices, except salt. When the water dries, add a tablespoon of margarine and minced garlic. Combine the meat in the ghee with the onion and garlic, then lift it off the fire and leave the pot cooled and keep it in the refrigerator for the next day. The meat is ready to be added to the oven or Chinese.

The fish can be kept as they are in the freezer and preferably cleaned well and kept clean so that the preparation of the fish meal easier and faster as well as provide the time of cleaning, although you love the fish Fillet keep it in the freezer this way, and if you love the fish kofta Fish fish and keep it In the freezer. Fish remain valid for use in the freezer for a month or more as long as it is not exposed to high temperature and melting of ice.

The chicken is cleaned and kept in the refrigerator clean and ready for cooking directly, and is cut in the form that will be prepared if it will be served in the form of chicken panet or fried chicken or grilled chicken … Etc. And when preparing a roast chicken meal or chicken tray in the oven, Garlic and various spices the day before and leave it in the tapenade to gain taste and taste wonderful when preparing.

Leafy vegetables

Watercress, such as: watercress, parsley, dill, coriander, etc., can be saved after washing well in paper bags and then plastic bags, kept in the vegetable drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator and kept fresh for a week in paper bags Helps maintain the greens of vegetables, although you are using some types of herbs fresh while preparing the various meals by adding them to eating, such as spaghetti, mint, basil, etc., then pick the leaves and cut and save them in plastic bags inside the freezer or inside glass jars, and when preparing the meal national Take it out and add The desired quantity is not prohibited and it is still frozen and can be saved without washing. You only need to remove the wet and worn leaves. This helps in the length of time they are saved because the humidity increases the speed of corruption or can be washed and dried well.


Potatoes do not need time to prepare them, but if your time is too narrow, you can peel, wash, cut, add lemon juice or salt, or keep them in the water without any additives to the next day in the fridge so as not to be exposed to the blacksmith.


Pepper does not need time to prepare it and can be saved by washing it and cutting it into slices or cubes and keeping it in plastic bags in the freezer.


Follow the same method of keeping the pepper, and retain its vitality for a long time inside the freezer.

Cucumber and zucchini

They can be kept in the refrigerator without washing for up to a week, and the zucchini can be washed, sliced ​​and stored in the refrigerator for the next day only.

Broccoli and broccoli

Keep in the refrigerator for a week without washing, and you can save it boiled for one day only, then put it in the refrigerator until the next day only to prepare it.

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