Nutrition basics for weight loss

Nutrition basics for weight loss

Weight loss with the help of honey

At first sight may seem a little strange, because honey – high-calorie foods. However, honey – is also a natural biologically active product that contains a lot of useful substances for our body, so moderate doctors recommend it to use for all who do not have allergies (they are not common p). In addition, people with diabetes, it is necessary to consult your doctor.
How much can you eat honey, when you grow up thin?
Of course, the honey can not be attributed to low-calorie products, even those who use the bank in a day of courageous risk. To return to comfortable weight you only need 2 teaspoons a day – only the amount that is absorbed by not loading on the pancreas.
Contraindications to such treatment are practically no – apart from individual intolerance. Allergies to natural honey are rare biologically active.
Therefore, weight loss with honey. 
Take only 1 teaspoon honey on the saliva in the morning and in the evening after 2 hours meal, you will be able to regain its normal weight.
For this purpose,
1 teaspoon honey (without head) melt in a glass of water and drink.
To water special needs: it can not be boiled, it should be cold or warm, but not hot.
Move honey into the water – you get a 30% solution of honey, a mineral makeup and properties similar to our blood plasma.
If you are afraid of allergies, you can try water regulator, no water, where literally added several drops of honey. But even this small dose would be beneficial for health.
Why should not you just eat a spoon of honey and drink water, two honey dissolve, even in the water is special? It is essential that honey is absorbed slowly in the bloodstream and into the intestines, not exposed to gastric ulcer. Then he will be able to perform his supervisory function and purify her. You can put it in this aid if you drink water and honey, preferably physical work, do gymnastics, or simply take a walk, and at this time all 60 useful enzymes, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and organic acids present in the honey will begin to work hard to rebuild your body and make it your system.
Instantly you must say that weight loss with honey gradually, but the result will be quite stable if you also reduce the calorie content of your diet.
A glass of honey water, you have to drink in the morning and evening, can help reduce appetite and lead in the body (weighed!) Back to normal.

Diet based on honey

In the word “diet”, many associations are established with fresh foods tasteless at all, as well as a constant sense of hunger. However, if we talk about a diet of honey, this means that it is not only effective, but also very pleasant. They do not require strict dietary restrictions, and therefore suitable for almost everyone.

Features a honey diet

Honey food requires compliance with certain conditions with maximum effectiveness. Therefore, you need to eliminate permanently or at least reduce the use of products that contain starch in their composition. In fact, this article is sometimes reduced the efficiency of honey. Meanwhile, these products have shown good results in combination with dairy products, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamin A. It is recommended to include in your diet beets, tomatoes, peppers, apples and carrots. Thus, you will not only speed up the weight loss process, but also be able to positively affect the intestines.
One of the indisputable advantages of a diet can be considered to contribute to the fight against cellulite. Due to the fact that the improvement of metabolism, the product encourages the breakdown of fat. However, it is worth a very careful approach to this variable diet. The fact that honey – it is quite a strong sensitivity, so the choice of weight loss requires prior consultation with a nutritionist. Also note – if you have kidney stones, you will also need to refrain from dieting honey.

Honey recipe 1 1

The easiest option is to follow a honey diet three times a day should be consumed for at least one tablespoon of honey. And, it is not necessarily in its purest form. It was acceptable to add them to the main course (cheese, fruit salad, tea and other products). To increase the efficiency of honey, it must be consumed in acidic foods in a different form. It may be fruit, yogurt and other dairy products. In addition, it is recommended that you drink plenty of fluids in any way (if the tea is better without sugar). Meals must be at least 5 days. Diet duration is 14 days. During this period, it is actually losing up to 6 kg of extra weight.
Honey recipe 22
The second option is extreme and it involves the use of acidic means for two days. You can also drink green tea and pure water without gas. Drink recipe to lose weight simple enough – in three liters of water should be diluted with lemon juice 15 and 50 grams of honey. Glucose in honey, helps to make sure you will not feel hungry. At the same time, the acid promotes the burning of fat accumulated under the skin. It should be noted that this option is completely contraindicated diet for people with high acidity, as well as gastrointestinal diseases.
Honey recipe 34
This version of the diet is designed for 3 days and is based on the simultaneous use of honey and eggs. This option allows you diet to lose up to 3 kilograms of weight in a short time. The menu every day will look something like this:
For breakfast,
 you need to use a combination of two egg yolks with a teaspoon of honey. Drink all you can without coffee or sugarTea with lemon. It was also allowed to eat a slice of cheese dinner with the same drink. For dinner you can eat soup with dried black and orange bread (which allows apples or pears). Before going to bed and drinking the tea is definitely unsweetened, squeeze it into lemon juice slices.
The second day starts with the same eggs and honey as breakfast, like its predecessor. Lunch will be the same, but you must also add 100 grams of low fat cheese. For dinner, eat a little cooked meat or fish with vegetable salad. Complete a meal with lemon tea.
On the third day, the breakfast is no different from the previous two. For lunch you can make a sandwich of rye bread with cheese, which is washed down with unsweetened coffee or tea, acidic with lemon juice. It is also recommended to eat a few leaves of lettuce. For dinner, boil an egg and some vegetables that do not contain starch and wash down all this tea with lemon.

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