Precious Family Time and Healthy Bodies and Healthy Food Record for Children

Precious family time and healthy bodies
Who does not like at least one kind of sport, both as spectators and practitioners, why not make these activities an opportunity to spend valuable and valuable time with our young people?

    The time available for the family on weekdays is very short between work requirements and extra hours and the time we spend traveling between office and home, but still there is room to allocate part of it to spend precious time with our young.

    Exercise is one of the most effective ways to colonize this time with our young children, with all their physical and mental benefits. There is no need to describe the physical benefits of sport. They are widely known, scientifically proven and practiced at regular intervals, devoting healthy habits to young people, even young people, and throughout their lives.

    Her mental benefits, which we often miss, are equally important. The most important of these benefits is to build self-confidence among young people, as well as to teach them to take responsibility and engage in teams. Sports, especially the collective ones, demonstrate in their practitioners important concepts such as competitiveness, collective sports spirit, joy of triumph and loss. All this in addition to giving them an effective breathing away from bad or non-constructive hobbies and habits. These benefits have long-term implications for the professional life of young sports practitioners.

    Many of us must remember times we might have spent together with our sister or racing with our mother in the garden. These intimate memories in our minds stem from their importance in melting close relations with parents and even relatives. Despite its importance, it is not necessary for our sports interaction with our young people to take the form of participation. It is worthwhile to encourage them to exercise and encourage them. We may also remember from the past that our parents attended a football match we had to encourage and support us.

    Specialists emphasize the importance of the involvement of young parents in sport and spend valuable and valuable family time with them. This participation not only affects the period of practice, but extends to other interaction opportunities as a follow-up to sports news about a game together. It creates a strong link and a new link through which Parents with their young.

With all these benefits in mind, we can only recognize the importance of sports as a means of reducing our peers to spend precious family time with our young people. My advice to you this week is to count on the sport in your family time to enhance your relationship with your young ones by motivating them to practice and follow their development, or to participate in them from time to time, so that the healthy mind grows in the healthy body and their relationship grows more and more.

Healthy Food Record for Children 4 in 1 Philips Avant
Philips Avant’s 4-in-1 Healthy Health Food Processor offers 4 steam cooking, blending, re-heating and defrosting systems. Using the device can prepare and freeze the amount of food and then use the property of dissolving when needed, so it saves time and effort and maintains the flavor and usefulness of food. Its capacity is 1000 ml, which allows for cooking and storage in quantities that are healthy and safe. However, the compact device does not occupy much space in the kitchen. The whistle shall be issued when cooking is finished to avoid overheating.

It works with four steam cooking, mixing, re-heating and defrosting systems.
An alert is issued when the usage is finished.
Attached is a booklet and healthy recipes.
It can be cleaned with a dishwasher.
It does not occupy much of the cuisine.
The water must be separated after cooking before mixing to avoid excess food.
Mixer color tends to yellow when repeated.
For use in melting frozen foods, it must be frozen in the container of the machine from the beginning, which is difficult, where the device comes with only one pot and the size may not be suitable for freezing devices and must buy more than a container.
You can not add components while using the device.
The time counter does not display the time consumed during the operation of the device, so when you want to calculate the time to add components, set your own clock.
Mummy Trip Tip
Philips Avent 4 in 1 Multivitamin, easy to install and can accommodate 1000 ml which means preparing a large amount of food in advance so it saves time and effort. So Mama’s trip recommends this product and considers it an excellent addition at the beginning of the child’s experience with food. You should buy more than one container so you can run the solubility feature. If this is not important, buying the 3-in-1 Food Processor from Philips is better because it is 714 SR instead of 970 SR.

Evaluation Details
What you get when you buy
Philips Avant Food Processor.
Storage container.
Recipes Recipes.

How to use
The device is easy to install and use can be controlled by the front indicator. The machine performs four cooking tasks with steam, blending, re-heating and melting frozen food. It also emits a whistle when finished to alert the mother so do not forget to turn it off.

You can use the recipe book to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for your child. All you have to do is peel and chop the food, add a little water in the back tank, then cook with steam. When finished, turn the appliance over to start blending and the food will be ready for your baby. To avoid excessive food flow, it is best to remove it from the water before starting to mix the food after cooking. Philips Avant’s food preparation can be used to prepare food for the entire family, not only for young people, where mashed foods can also be prepared for adults or cooked vegetables and fruits.

To use frozen foods, it must be frozen in the container of the appliance from the beginning, which is difficult, with only one pot. Therefore, you should buy more than a bowl for milling, which makes the defrosting of frozen food not useful to the public.


The machine’s hand can not be separated from the surface of the hand to accumulate water and food. Is considered sufficient.

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