The Dubai Food Festival 2019 will kick off on February 21 and here is its schedule latest

The Dubai Food Festival 2019 will kick off on February 21 and here is its schedule
Dubai – MENA Herald:
Dubai Festival & Retail Corporation (DIFF) has announced the return of the Dubai Food Festival, which opens on Thursday, February 21, 2019. It is expected to be the largest in the city since its launch. In the course of 17 days, Dubai residents and visitors will enjoy the most delightful experiences and performances that will be held in multiple locations in the city. They can try three-course meals from a selection of fine restaurants in Dubai, enjoy the wonderful weather and experience an exclusive taste, Around the world reflect many cultures, as well as explore a number of restaurants in the city that may be small but large with their ideas and tastes, and also learn about the latest trends in the world of culinary arts.

“The Dubai Food Festival is once again offering residents and visitors a unique opportunity to experience a variety of foods and meals from around the world,” said Ahmed Al Khaja, Executive Director, Dubai Festival and Retail Establishment. “Today’s festival is one of the highlights of Dubai’s annual retail calendar. Dubai has become a major culinary destination in the region, and over the past five years, we have strengthened our relationship with our partners and have been successful together. This year we will take the Dubai Food Festival to new heights with more quality additions and value. J celebrates all the culinary arts and welcomes lovers tastes. We look forward to welcoming the festival audience from within and outside the country and from all nationalities and cultures to share this grand celebration. ”

This year’s festival has many of its most popular events, including Sweep Kanten Beach, Dubai’s hidden gems, Dubai Catering Week from Emirates NBD and Visa, and new events such as “A Journey in the World of Tastes” “And” Exclusive Coffee with Exclusive Tastes “, as well as special offers at retail and entertainment malls.

Swift Canteen Beach
This year, the Dubai Food Festival is celebrating the return of the new “Beach Canteen” in its new beachfront location behind the Sunset Mall, under the title “Sweep Kanten Beach”, which presents new ideas in the culinary arts world, including a special event for families. , Making it a great opportunity to spend a special family day with moments of fun and enjoying the delicious food and delicacies from around the world at Food Piazza.

Young lovers will also have fun times in their area, where they can enjoy a variety of activities, while their families and culinary lovers go on a gastronomy trip to culinary arts workshops and sessions on the beach stage. As well as the area of ​​electronic games, and the areas devoted to physical activity and sports.

The Swift Canteen Beach activity from Swaib, Emirates NBD, Visa, and Uber to deliver food orders has been introduced as key sponsors and supported by Lacknor.

Dubai Restaurant Week, presented to you by Emirates NBD and Visa
The 10-day Dubai Dining Week offers a unique opportunity to sample meals from a selection of luxury restaurants in Dubai at competitive prices. Taste lovers can book their places at the Dubai Restaurant Week for a three-course meal for AED 199 per person, including delicious grills on the firewood from the Blue Blanc restaurant, exploring Latin American cuisine at the Hotel Cartagena, New at Morimoto Japanese Restaurant.

For reservations and access to all restaurant names participating in the Dubai Catering Week, please visit https://reserveout.com/dubai-en/dubai-restaurant-week-2019

Dubai’s hidden jewels
The Dubai Food Festival will be on schedule for another Dubai tour to explore the best restaurants listed this year on the Dubai Hidden Jewelers list, restaurants that may be small in size but large in popularity, ideas and tastes. Restaurants that may be undiscovered so far, but have succeeded in establishing great popularity in their surroundings, offering their customers delicious dishes at affordable prices. This year, Zumato is collaborating with the Dubai Food Festival to host the hidden Dubai Jewelers page and inviting residents to choose their favorite restaurants to be crowned in the top 10 hidden jewelers of 2019.
A journey in the world of tastings
This year’s Dubai Food Festival is a new event for its audience that offers them a chance to explore a world that may be new to them. They will be able to take part in a unique journey between different tastes and dishes from all over the world, where they can learn how to cook Japanese sushi, make bread or prepare a Wellington dish Of beef, or participate in a huge gala dinner serving 16 main meals, or sitting around the dining table with the chefs and getting to know them up close.

Exclusive coffee with exclusive tastes

Exclusive coffee is the latest event of the Dubai Food Festival this year, offering the audience the chance to experience the unique and unique flavors of coffee offered by international and local brands. For the sites that can be visited to experience these special tastes, you can visit the official website of the festival www.dubaifoodfestival.com with the launchActivities.

More events

The Dubai Food Festival program includes more events that meet the aspirations of many throughout the festival including:

Cheese Festival:
The Dubai Food Festival is collaborating with the Westin Dubai Marina Beach Resort and Marina to organize a two-day cheese festival for friends and families
Street Gallery at Galeries Lafayette: You can visit the exhibition at City Walk 2 from 28 February to 2 March for 3 days to enjoy street cuisine, retail platforms, live entertainment and family interactive activities
Taste of Dubai: For the 12th year, the “Taste of Dubai” will be held from 7 to 9 March to provide gourmet dining experience, meet the most famous chefs, and enjoy a wide range of family entertainment at the Dubai Media City Theater
Promotions at the Dubai Food Festival
For the first time at the Dubai Food Festival, the public will be able to get promotions of up to 75% in supermarkets, grocery stores, home appliances and kitchen appliances. In addition to the effectiveness of the weekend surprises, which is also a new addition to the Dubai Food Festival, which will offer great promotions on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, which will be available exclusively for one brand in one site from 10 am until the entry into force. In order to capture the great opportunities for these promotions, the public can record their data on the website  for real-time updates.

Taste and win
The days of the Dubai Food Festival will be an opportunity to celebrate the delicious tastes every day with the “Tasting and Win” show in its third year, in conjunction with the Zumato e-catering platform and the Dubai Shopping Center Group, where residents and visitors can win prizes. Including the Nissan Patrol SUV by spending only AED 50 in participating restaurants.

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