What is the magic power of the hug that keeps us from visiting a doctor?

What is the magic power of the hug that keeps us from visiting a doctor?
To reach the magical power of hug, and its various benefits that reach the prevention of diseases. Four of the scientists, three from the Carnegie Mellon School of Medicine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, studied the research, including Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology, and the director of a laboratory to study stress and immunity from disease. As well as a pediatrician from the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Virginia Health Science Center. In this report, we will learn about the most important findings about the importance of hugging and its magical benefits, according to various scientific research, to reach the power of magical hugs that may tempt us to visit the doctor.

But how does the hugs effect
The study by Sheldon Cohen demonstrates that hugging a trusted person is a very effective means of transferring support and support. The increased frequency and intensity of the hug is an effective tool to reduce the harmful effects of stress, stress, and stress. According to Cohen, the hug has a clear protective effect that promotes physical contact, a behavioral indicator of increased support, support and safety. So people who get more hug are more protected from infection than others. Hugs thus play a magical role:

1 – Fight cold and flu

One of the most important findings from the Carnegie Mellon University study is that hugging works to relieve and combat colds and flu. She also explained that hugging has a positive effect in protecting people from stress caused by exposure to infections and viral infections.

The experiment was conducted on a sample of 404 people, who were divided and shared a group of social support roles, received a hug, and then the participants were exposed to the virus causing the colds, so that scientists can assess the severity of the infection between them. The result was that individuals who shared hugs with each other were less severe in the infection, less symptomatic of the disease, less stressed and more agitated than others who did not share the hug.

 2. Strengthening the immune system

The immune system carries out many vital processes within our body to protect us from diseases, toxins, cancer cells, foreign bodybuilders, and pathogens such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Through the identification and then annihilation and disposal.

Emotional attachments are stimulated to stimulate the thymus, which secrete the hormone thymus, which regulates the building of immunity in the body, helps regulating the production of white blood cells, producing lymphocytes and thus increasing the strength of the immune system.

The white blood cells, which number between 4 thousand to 11 thousand cells per micro liter of blood, is one of the most important parts of the immune system, which protects the body against various pathogens. White blood cells divide into five types, one of which destroys various bacterial cells, another secrete antibacterial, viral and foreign antibodies, and other bacteria and fungi, and finally attacks harmful parasites.

Reduce blood pressure levels
During the hug of someone close to you, the levels of the hormone “oxytocin”, which is produced in cases of love, and confidence and calmness. Increasing it increases the ability of individuals to trust others. It also works to reduce the hormone “cortisol”, which is mainly produced in response to stress. Which alert the sensory receptors of pressure, vibration and touch in the deep layer of the skin called “Pachini particles” to send signals to the brain to reduce nerve pressure levels of blood pressure.

4. Promote brain health and memory

When a close friend hug, or someone is a source of confidence, the hormone oxytocin is released into the bloodstream, which relieves stress and thus improves the strength of memory and brain. It also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to achieve balance and calm, and thus feel the tranquility and independence and unloading anger, which serves to clear the mind and enhance the strength of memory.

5. Discharge pressure and eliminate stress
One of the findings of the previous study is that hugs play an essential role in relieving stress, relieving tension, and stress. Having a trusted person is a means of transferring support that enhances self-confidence and safety, thus relieving stress, stress and natural stress.

6. Burn more calories
Playing hug people is the source of our confidence, and those close to us have a role in maintaining weight, by burning calories. Each hug with our loved ones burns about 12 calories. Thus, the greater the number of times the hug, the greater the number of calories lost, which helps maintain body weight.

7 – get rid of muscle tension
The hug of people close to us works to eliminate the tension of the body and muscles, as it works to combat pain, improve blood circulation, and promotes the flow of blood in the micro tissue, which helps to reduce the tension of the muscles. It also works to relieve mental stress and promote healthy muscle activity.

8. Improve heart health and reduce the rate of beatings
A person close to us is working to lower heart rate, according to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina on a group of people. The heart rate of individuals who hugged close relatives was 5 beats per minute, lower than other individuals who had a rate The heart has 10 strokes per minute. So the hug works to lower the heart rate, thus lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

Are cynics more intelligent and creative than others?
Each of us has some cynical friends, who leave nothing but won it, and ridiculed it. Or we may be the ones who possess this talent. Yes, the ability of a person to ridicule the circumstances surrounding him, or from certain positions is considered a talent. Where many studies have shown that these people who have the ability to ridicule and ridicule, smarter and more creative than others, and this is what we will address in detail during this report.

So what is the irony?
Some people interpret ridicule as a valuable way to express dissatisfaction, while others interpret ridicule as being rude and rude. It is the ability of the person to express his opinion in a particular position, or displeasure with something, using that sense of humor, and spirit of rhetoric. Where we always recognize the irony of the person’s tone, and manipulate him in his vocal twists.

The cynical creator John Lennon saw ridicule not only as funny, but as an effective way of helping others see their own reality. The irony makes the person ask himself whether he is right or not, which drives him to discover his truth.

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The highest forms of intelligence
 In a recent study conducted by the Harvard and Columbia Universities to demonstrate the extent to which irony is linked to intelligence, whether IQ increases or not, scientists interact with a random sample of people, dividing them into three groups: one expressed cynicism, the other seriously expressed, Neutral direction. And then directing them to do many tasks that require creativity in their performance.

The result showed that the group, which expressed itself ironically, was more creative than the last two groups. Where they were able to enhance their creative abilities when faced with different problems, and were able to think abstract, and to find effective solutions, and take different axes to solve those problems.

Does ridicule increase the creativity rate of the groom or receiver?
The main reason for believing that irony is related to intelligence in the first place is to have the cynical person think outside the box to draw conclusions and then express his opinion. Because it mitigates controversy, and the rudeness of opinion, by drafting it in a light comic way. Therefore, the ridicule of someone is committed to a certain degree of confidence so that it does not end up in the end to the conflict.

The irony depends on the sprains, requiring people to think more creatively, and intuitive speed so they can understand the meaning of irony. Where ridicule is an abstract process based on creative thinking, and the operation of the brain to process information. Thus, ridicule increases the IQ and creativity of both parties; cynical, and the recipient.

The cynical person has the intelligence and creativity to make a sarcastic comment. This motivates the recipient to think outside the box as well, gathering his senses and incorporating the sarcastic person’s facial expressions and tone, and then treating them to recognize the extent of ridicule, understanding the real meaning of it, and then reacting.

Other Research
The research is not limited to the previous study only, there are many studies that proved in the end that ridicule is one of the highest forms of intelligence, and that people who have the ability to ridicule are smarter than others and more creative for many reasons can be summarized in the following:

1. They have sharper minds
 The irony requires a deep reflection. Reacting to a particular position cynically requires an extra layer of thought and the realization of the mind in a limited time. Researchers at the University of California have found that people who are incapable of detecting and dealing with ridicule are less able to comprehend and think deeply, Brain and its long-term deterioration. While those who are capable of irony and humor have more acute brains, where they can reach advanced stages of thinking in a tight time. But their minds are more healthy and active, and more sharp and clear, irony works to promote the health of the brain, and increased activity, making these people more intelligent and creative.

2. Their comments are double meanings
The cynics have the ability to mix insult with irony and laughter. She always makes her remarks double-edged, their comments mostly insulting, but at the same time seem funny and comic. If the recipient is not highly creative and has the ability to think deeply, he may not be able to detect the hidden insult in the humorous suspension. This makes sarcastic people the ability to process and analyze information.

3. See what others are hiding
The cynical people are characterized by their extraordinary ability to understand the feelings and state of mind of others. Where they can detect what others hide inside. According to one psychiatrist at Haifa University, understanding the emotional and mental state of others is closely related to the ability to ridicule. A person who has the ability to ridicule plays the role of a reader of ideas, can understand the emotional and psychological state of others, which gives him the ability to detect what they hide, making him smarter.

4. They have high speed and ability to solve problems
One of the main reasons why cynics are smarter than others is their ability to solve problems. According to the study conducted by the Harvard and Columbia Universities, sycophants have a high speed of thought, a great ability to think deeply, and then to extract and manipulate information, helping them to come up with creative solutions to the problems they face. Their brains work in a unique way that enables them to find innovative solutions in a short time, solutions that the average person may not find, to deal with difficult situations.

5. They have skillsSocial and linguistic diversity
The cynics are distinguished by their ingenuity in handling and processing information. Where they have their way of dealing with words, and thus the distinctive way of presentation, which attracts the attention of others. Where they can hold interesting long conversations without losing their focus. According to «John Heyman» Language in «Macalester» College, the irony is the primary language in practice for our society at the present time, Valsakharon have the ability to keep the conversation going without distracting listeners, which distinguishes them from others, and makes them more intelligent and creative.

6. They are more emotionally stable
One study has shown that irony is working to reduce tension rate, anger, and other negative emotions; Valsakharon are smart enough not to take them things seriously, as receptive to what directs them comments, and the views of satisfaction and ridicule, making them more stable in their feelings, and provide them with internal peace And psychological comfort.

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7. Make them around smarter
The complex way in which he thinks, and the cynical people surrounding them, compels the realization of reason so that they can understand and communicate with them. Hence, discovered the extent of the impact of people Cynics on the brains of the people around them, The minds of human beings take three successive stages to be able to understand the irony and sarcasm, and thus Valtoasl almost continuously with the cynics, the minds of those around them are forced to remedy the three stages of thinking very quickly, making them smarter than they are .

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